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Top Ten Things Not to Do If Your Internet and Cell Service are Down

  The inspiration for this list came from living without the internet and very spotty cell service for the last two weeks. It took me a while to get used to the fact that I could not do what has become everyday activities with my devices. 10 If your internet and cell service are down, […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do When a Hurricane is Headed Your Way

  10 When a hurricane is headed your way, do not think it would be a good time to surf the storm surge. If you do, at best the authorities will arrest you. At worst, you’ll ride that last big one into the next county. (Now you have to figure a way back huh, Banjo?) […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do When Moving

  The inspiration for this piece was the arrival of a new couch and the accompanied rearranging of furniture. Since moving households is something almost everyone faces, I thought it would be fun to recap some things we should avoid doing should a move be necessary. I hope you enjoy the list. 10 If you are moving, […]

Top Ten Things Not to Say to a Writer

This list was inspired by going out into public over the weekend. I am always amazed at some of the things people say once they find out you write full-time. 10 If you meet a writer, do not tell them you have a book you have meant to write. If you do, at best they […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do on a Trail Ride

The inspiration for this list was receiving a photo of a couple who had gone on a trail ride. My last ride was in Aspen Colorado, but I still remember the experience. We were riding at 8,000 feet in the Rockies, and the sights were hard to describe. Hope you enjoy the list knowing not […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do Touring Overseas

  The inspiration for this list is my current tour of Scotland. I figure I will only have one chance to use this list so I’m going for it. I hope you like it. 10 If you are touring overseas, do not try to plug your phone charger into a socket without an adapter. if […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do With a Smartphone

  10 If you have a smartphone, do not use it to send a breakup message. If you do, at best the message will fail to deliver. At worst, your message will be received just after the recipient has paid a no return deposit on the condo you were to share.  (Talk about awkward, Idiot.) 9 […]