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Top Ten Things Not to Do When Congress Authorizes Daylight Savings Time in 1918

  This post is an updated repeat of last year. Since Daylight Savings Time is so near and dear to us all, I thought you would enjoy a re-run. This week marks the 102nd anniversary of Congress authorizing Daylight Savings Time, which set up the legal precedence for the states to take action. So if […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do as the First Ford Mustang Rolls Off the Assembly Line in 1964

  March 9th  marks the 56th anniversary of the beginning of the production of the Ford Mustang. Since most of you were not around or were too little to remember. I thought it would be fun to go back to see the first roll down the line. As usual, we need to take a list […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at the First Monopoly Game in 1933

  This week marks the 87th anniversary of the invention of the board game Monopoly. The Game was developed based on a 1904 patent by Lizzy Magie for a game called The Landlord’s Game. This game was played one evening in 1932 Charles Todd, and his wife hosted Esther Jones and her husband Charles Darrow […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at the Issue of the First Telephone Book in 1878

  This week marks the anniversary of the world’s first telephone directory issued by the New Haven Connecticut Telephone Company containing the names of its 50 subscribers. Most of us are always interested in the release of a new book. This one is only one page but is the first of its kind, so we should […]

Ten Things Not to Do If You are Asked to Go to the Grocery Store

  The inspiration for this post was an interview with Jill Weatherholt last Friday, where I admitted to being banned from the grocery store. This gave rise in the comment section an idea by Jill that I detail in a Top Ten post what not to do if one is asked to go shopping. I […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do on a Spa Vacation

Because of the Super Bowl getting in the way of my creative time, I am republishing a post from February 6th of 2017.  I hope you enjoy. *** The inspiration for this list came from looking at possible spa vacations and then deciding to pass after reviewing all the material. I hope you enjoy the […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at The Second Monte Carlo Auto Rally in 1912

  This week marks the anniversary of the second auto rally at Monte Carlo in 1912. We all know we want to go there, and as usual, we need to take a list of things not to do to stay out of trouble. So here is the list. Top Ten Things Not to Do at […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do on the Day Prohibition Goes Into Effect in 1920

  This week marks the anniversary of the ratification of the 18th amendment prohibiting the sale or consumption of alcohol in 1920. For most of us, this might not be a trip we want to make, but for historical reasons, we should. Take this list with you so that problems are kept to a minimum. […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815

  On January 8th, 1815 A rag-tag army under Andrew Jackson defeats the British on the fields of Chalmette in the Battle of New Orleans. Since this piece of history is fascinating you may want to go and observe. If you do, take this list with you and maybe you can avoid and trouble time […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at the Hormel Party in 1937 Where Canned Meat Spam Got its Name

  On January 1st, 1937, at a party at the Hormel Mansion in Minnesota, a guest wins $100 for naming the new canned meat “Spam.” If you were at that party, you could have won a hundred bucks too. It is still not too late. We can go there but need to have a list to […]