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Thursday – A Little Personal – Lawn Day

“I hear something, Lucy.” “There is someone working next door.” “Now, I hear something, Little One.” “What is it?” “Sounds like the gate opened. Let’s check it out.” “Whoa, look at this equipment.” “Whose stuff is that anyway?” “I heard the boss was going to do his own lawn. Looks like he has the mower, […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Rain on the Plain

  “You want to play with Cheeseburger Lucy?” “Um. Looks like a nice day for a nap.” “Hey, Dad. Lucy won’t play with me.” “Come on, Lucy, play with your sister.” “Fine. I have the stinking cheeseburger.” “You are supposed to run around with it in your mouth, and then I chase you and take […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – A Heat Wave Break

We had a temperature break here in Texas so Twiggy and Lucy took advantage of it. “Hey, Lucy, check out the temperature. “I can’t see the thermometer from here.” Pretty funny. We don’t have a thermometer. The air feels cool.” “Yeah, the low 90s is like an arctic blast. Why are you running?” “The puma […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Lucy Outside

“Lucy. What’s up?” “Trying to take a sun bath.” “Well, at least you are out where the sun is. Too hot for me.” “Oh, give it a try, Little One. You might like it.” “Let’s see. If I do my pointer imitation, it doesn’t seem so hot.” “You are close to making a fool of […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

“Hey, you two. Enough lazing around. Time to go out and play.” “You are not serious, Boss. Look at your watch.” “It’s a little warm but you do need the exercise. I’m going out there.” “Let’s do rock, scissor, paper. Little One. The loser goes out with the boss.” “Never mind. Since my paper, rock, […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy’s Morning Walk

“You want  to go with us, Lucy?” “Um. Let’s see. 90 degrees, humidity in the 70s. I’d say no.” “Okay then, Let’s go, Twiggy.” “I’m ready, Dad. Let’s go.” “You. have to sit first.” “Yeah, I forgot.” “What’s that up there?” “It’s a giant poodle hauling a lady.” “She’s still there.” “I know, Dad. If […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy on Duty

“You see anything, Little One?” “Nope, all clear here.” “I thought I heard something, though.” “See Anything?” “No, that was a false alarm.” “How about on the perimeter over there?” “Is that movement in the hedge?” “I think it might be the wind.” “Okay then, I’m going to scout the yard.” “Right behind you, Little […]

Thursday – A Little Personal Eternal Road – The last stop Cover Reveal

“Yes, Lucy, what is it?” “Haven’t you been working on a new book?” “Yeah, I sure have. The formatting is done. The cover is done.” “Why isn’t the launch done?” “Well, the book is different from my previous ones.” “It’s not a thriller?” “No, it is a bunch of things.” “Like what?” “It has touches […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Lucy at Chores

    “Okay, gang. Who’s going to pick up the toys?” “Lucy. How about you?” “To be honest, boss. I never played with them.” “Twiggy? You have some work to do.” “Aw, Dad. Why do I always have to do all the work?” “Look at Lucy over there. She should have to do something.” “I’m […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Lucy Outside

“A beautiful Day, Lucy.” “It is Little One. Looks like a day to relax outside.” “Where you going?” “Uh, just a little relax time in the sun.” “You had plenty of relax time inside.” “One can never get enough relax time. There’s always room for more.” “I think I hear something over the fence.” There’s […]