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Thursday – A Little Personal – On the Beach

“Lucy what are you doing?” “Look to your right, little one.” “What is that?” “It is a big bird called a heron.” “Can we chase it?” “OMG no. The boss has a fit. He thinks the birds ought to be left alone.” “I can certainly understand that. He’s a softy for animals.” “Not so loud […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy, Lucy, and Bailey Have a Restful Day

“How about a game of fetch, Twiggy?” “Not so sure. Let me jump on the couch.” “Um if Lucy will play I will play.” “Okay. Let’s see what Lucy says.” “Hmm. A little late I would say.” “How about Bailey?” “A little late there too Dad.” “Okay no fetch. What else?” “How about we see […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy Needs Her Rest

“Hi, Lucy. Why so glum?” “Twiggy is under the sofa and won’t play with me.” “Oh, I’m sure she is resting or something.” “She says she is tired of playing” “Tired? What’s that about?” “We were running around pretty hard.” “Well, there you are. She is tired. Give her some time.” “You think so, Boss? I […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Leash Time

“Hey, you two. Time to rise and shine.” “Wha— Ah Boss. Whats going on?” “Yeah, dad. Today was supposed to be a sleep all day day.” “It is official it is Twiggy tries out a leash day.” “Lucy you and Bailey are going on your walk with Mom as usual. Twiggy, you stay with me.” […]

Thursday – Anything Possible – Quiet Day of Recovery

“You heard Pops you two. No running around. Twiggy needs her rest after surgery.” “Yes, Mama Bailey. We heard. A little jog couldn’t hurt.” “Come on Twig. Chase me.” “You sure it will be okay?” “What can it hurt. All dogs run.” “Well okay. You go and I’ll run after you “There you go, Twiggy. […]

Thursday – A little Personnel – Twiggy and Lucy

“So Lucy. Pay attention to me.” “I thought I heard a UPS truck out there.” “There’s no truck out there. That’s another golf cart going by.” “I guess you’re right. Okay, what do you want to do?” “How about if you tell me a story?” “A story, huh. I can do that. Once upon a […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Backyard with Twiggy, Lucy, and Bailey

“Hey, Twiggy. What’s up?” “Hi, Dad. I’m thinking of joining Lucy and Bailey in the yard.” “Go ahead. Nothing should stop you.” “Well, except for that scary looking bird out there.” “Oh for heaven’s sake, Twiggy. That’s just a harmless blackbird.” “I’ve been reading about birds of prey, and at my level, one has to […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy Hanging Out With Her Peeps

  “Hey, Twiggy. What are you doing?” “Oh, Hi Dad. Just trying to find an interesting toy to play with.” “It’s a beautiful day. Why aren’t you outside?” “For one I don’t have prehensile paws. I need help with the door.” “Out you go.” “Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.” “Yes, Twiggy. Good to see you out here.” “What are […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy, Lucy, and Bailey Hit the Yard

“So Twiggy. What are you doing?” “Huh?” Oh, Nothing.” Turn around and tell me.” “I was just wondering if I could play with the big dogs?” “Sure you can. You do have to be careful, and so do they.” “Can you get my leash?” “Sure. But why?” “Gives me a little something to talk about.” “Hey, […]

Thursday – Anything Possible – Lucy and Bailey Give Dog Lessons

“Hey, Pops. What’s going on?” “I’m wondering how you and Lucy are getting on with Twiggy.” “I would say quite well. She is a lot of fun till she starts with the nipping.” “Yeah. All puppies do that. Just tell her, no.” “I think a deep growl conveys the message.” “Speaking of that. Are you teaching […]