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Views of the Neighborhood – Sure Sign of Recovery

A sure sign of recovery in any disaster area is when the folks get together to put on a craft or Garage sale. Well, we had both this week. It is almost as if the last five months have led to pent-up sale demand. We will visit both, but I have to warn you the attendance is […]

Views of the Neighborhood – The Fence

Some of you may recall on one of my tours there was a fence covered with numerous objects found on the beach. Hurricane Harvey took it and there was not enough left to take a photo. I did have a photo of the original. I am pleased to report that the fence has been rebuilt. Here […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Big Foot

This week’s View of the Neighborhood follows the Bigfoot Drilling rig as it moves down the Corpus Christi channel to the Gulf of Mexico. The oil and gas rig is headed to a position about 250 miles off New Orleans.  It will be anchored in water about a mile deep. Once productive it will deliver […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Rockport Texas

Rockport Texas is a town close to Port Aransas and was hit by Hurricane Harvey as well. Since the sun was out for the first time in ten years, the Producer and I decided to drive there and check up on how my books fared in the bookstores. Although we didn’t locate any books we […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Crochet Art

Today’s view of the neighborhood is very unusual. Every year during the holidays an unknown person decorates the bollards that serve to keep cars away from certain parts of the beach. These decorations are hand crochets, and each one is unique. What is surprising is one day they are not there and the next they […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Status of Bird Sanctuaries

The last time we checked on the status of the bird sanctuaries they were a bit of a mess from the Hurricane Harvey. I am happy to report they are making a comeback. Here is a photo of Paradise Pond taken shortly after the Hurricane. Here is what it looks like today. This is what the actual […]

Views of the Neighborhood – New Years Eve

This week our Coffee Waves shop had its grand re-opening after Hurricane Harvey. Although I wouldn’t usually feature such an event on Views, I thought it significant as one more piece of evidence of a return to normal here in Port Aransas. I published this trailer picture earlier this fall when Coffee Waves was open […]