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Views of the Neighborhood – Charlies Pasture

We have always like to visit Charlies Pasture nature preserve. The last time we were here the Hurricane damage prevented us from entering. There are still no cars allowed but we took a walk past the gate to see how the park fared in the hurricane. Here is the locked main gate. You can see […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Nashville Indiana

I am in Nashville Indiana to attend the High School graduation of my granddaughter. This week’s Views of the Neighborhood will give you a small taste of the town. On the outskirts is the Bean Blossom overlook Spectacular view. Another View. The reason for the trip. My Summa Cum Laude grandaughter. Pay no attention to that old guy […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Art Fair

Yesterday was the kind of day that we locals like to get away from the beach. Here is a shot straight out from the cart over at eight AM. Pretty nice. Here is a photo looking south from the cart over at eight AM. A little congested but nice. Same straight out view as before […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Go Topless Event

This weekend the beach was inundated with Jeep owners celebrating the topless season of Jeep ownership. Here is a description of the event from the All Things Jeep website. “Go Topless Day® is a spring tradition when we celebrate the return of warm weather and sense of fun and adventure that comes along with owning a […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Turtle Release and Mother Turtle

From time to time the ARK (Animal Rehabilitation Keep) will release turtles that have been rescued and rehabilitated from injuries. Yesterday was the day. This photo and the next two are courtesy of the ARK since they were much better than the ones I took. Above is a shot from a drone showing the corridor […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Time for a New Header Photo

It is that time of year again. I need to replace the header photo and am asking for your help. I have a poll below the photos, and if you would vote for your favorite, it will help me make the selection. Here are the candidates.  1. Summer afternoon 2. Summer Dawn 3. Tropical Summer […]

Views of the Neighborhood – A Sign of Peace

This week Port Aransas citizens got together to produce a large statement that is hoped to be viewed by the leadership of world countries as a desire for peace. The important part of any peace statement is to accessorize appropriately. Tie-dye, check. Peace symbol on cheek, check. Peace sign on hand, check. Lei, check Adult beverage, […]