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Views of the Neighborhood – The Eight Wonders of Port Aransas

Of all the treasures in Port Aransas, the Museum has selected eight which have been labeled The Eight Wonders of Port Aransas. I thought it would be fun to take a look at what the museum considers the eight wonders. Number one is the Lighthouse. Construction started in 1854, and the first light went on […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Potpourri

Today is a sampling of some things. I started with the idea of face boards and then got a little distracted with other things along the way. I hope you enjoy today’s tour. Here is a face board for a storage facility. You can also see their Farley boat. This is in front of our vet’s office […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Bollard People

Last year I featured the bollard in Port Aransas being covered by crochet wraps. There were about thirty the previous year and more than one hundred and thirty this year. The creator of this display is Diana Vondra and a host of helpers. They are being called the “Bollard People for reasons you will see in […]

Views of the Neighborhood. The Birding Center is Being Rebuilt

I was pleasantly surprised to read that the repairs to Birding Center had begun. As a reminder, this is what the center looked like after Hurricane Harvey. Another shot. A whole new boardwalk is being installed. My understanding the cost will be North of $600,000.00 The old boardwalk went straight out into the lagoon. The […]

Views of the Neighborhood – A Ship in the Channel

A beautiful day. Here is a shot of the beach at about eight o’clock Saturday morning The Producer and I decided to check out the shipping channel to see if any boats were on their way to the Gulf. Sure enough, that orange thing way down there is headed our way. You can see the Port Aransas/Aransas […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Winter Sunday

The days between Christmas and New Year are pretty low-key around the neighborhood. I thought I would give you two views of the Gulf while the sky is overcast and the wind is blowing. The temperature was in the fifties. All in all a winter day. A shot of the Gulf from the boardwalk. Shows […]

Views of the Neighborhood – The Enchanted Forest

As Christmas approaches, Port Aransas celebrates the season with its annual Enchanted Forest sponsored by the Department of Parks and Recreation. The forest is put up in the community center and is a collection of trees decorated by local businesses and organizations. The community center welcomes folks from around the country to the Enchanted forest […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Middle and High School Art Show

Every year the Art Center of Port Aransas has n art show featuring the art of high school and middle school students. The competition is juried and open to students from Port Aransas, Flour Bluff, and Seashore Academy. I thought you would like to see the level of art being taught in the local schools. I don’t […]

Views of the Neighborhood – A Little Like Christmas

Port Aransas is looking a little bit like Christmas, so I thought I would do a quick run through town and see what evidence I could find of holiday preparations My first stop was Winton’s candy store. They have a pet rattlesnake inside, and sure enough, there is a cartoon version on one of the […]

Views of the Neighborhood – Holiday Parade

There was a parade yesterday in Port Aransas. It was the annual holiday parade to benefit the EMS toy roundup. There were so many who came to participate that to take photo’s of the parade itself would have made selecting which carts to show here an impossible task. So I went to the staging area […]