Book Arrival and Kindle is as Book Arrival and Kindle Does

This was a big day. My GRL is now on Kindle. The book cover is some how screwed (I have asked the publisher to look into it), but the content of the book and the ability to order is there. Go to my author site on Amazon and take a look. (You might even be tempted to download)

The day continued normally, but then went out of control when the dogs started barking at the UPS driver. He was standing on the porch at sundown with a thirty-two pound box pictured here.

book 001

Yeah I would say it was heavy and I did lift with care. I got out my trusty snap blade (you call that a knife?) and opened it to find inside my baby. I wanted to light the candles , but my wife would have killed me

book 005

And if that wasn’t enough, another box was on the porch (which in my excitement I didn’t notice). Inside were some display pieces that when loaded look this way:

book 009

You have to ignore the fish and the Sea Urchin and trust there are books in a display.

My GRL blog tour begins on Sunday so look for the posts. Have a wonderful weekend and for the next two weeks I will be publishing the recognition posts of a group of really great bloggers. Take a minute and go see them and say hello for me.


  1. I just downloaded your book John! I can’t wait to start reading it! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, John! I can’t imagine your excitement. The fish and urchin works so well with the book display:>)

    1. After I took the photo I wondered what I was thinking. Thanks

  3. Congrats! Love the display. Though, it’s hard to ignore that fish.

    1. Thanks. You are right it is like an elephant in the room.

      1. Very colorful one too. 🙂

  4. One proud papa 🙂

    1. Seems like an eternity since I started. Thanks Pam

  5. I can only imagine how wonderful this feels. Enjoy having them close. And yay! for the Kindle edition. Now I can also read it 😀

    1. Thanks. Yes I imagine it is like seeing land when you have been on a life boat for a real long time.

  6. Reblogged this on if all else fails…use a hammer and commented:
    John Howell’s book just came out on Kindle today. Go check it out!

  7. I saw that it was available yesterday (I checked every couple of days) and snagged it. Looking forward to reading and reviewing, John.

    BTW, the books look great under the fish and next to the fun bottles.

    1. oops a few of our empties from last night

  8. Wow, the blue of your cover goes perfectly with the light outside your door! How’d you do that?!

  9. Congratulations, John – she is a beautiful book (and I love the fish & sea urchin).

  10. Yeay, it’s on Kindle!! Best news ever.

    1. Thank you. Pay no attention to the warped cover. Amazon says it will be fixed tomorrow.

  11. That’s great John, you didn’t have to wait too long for the Kindle version in the end then. I will purchase a copy right away.

    1. You are the man. Thanks. Please tell Amazon what you thought after you thought it.

  12. Such good news 🙂

  13. Will be buying a copy this week John!

    1. YAY. Thank you. Don’t forget the Amazon review. 🙂

  14. I’ll pass by Amazon! The baby weighed so much! Sounds like it was a difficult and long labor – but what a beauty! Congratulations, John.

    1. You are soooooo nice. Thanks

  15. I love that book cover. Read the first twelve pages on Amazon and then clicked the “Kindle” option, after which I was informed this wasn’t available on there just yet. So glad to hear it is now. Great stuff, John,

    1. Thank you so much. The image on kindle is messed up , but the book downloads just fine.

  16. great reviews!! looking forward to reading this at some point on my trust kindle, just have a few in live before!

    1. We all have the same problem. Thanks

  17. […] A: I know. John W. Howell’s book, My GRL, is out. […]

  18. Completely understand how this feels, John. Congratulations. I’m downloading my Kindle copy today. I have been away and didn’t want to do it on an unknown connection.

    1. Thank you. A visit to Amazon for a review after would be appreciated as well.

  19. Wow…You must be thrilled. Bravo! I’m going to check it out. I read your post on agents. I’ve also been having bad luck trying to find an agent. You’d think with more and more writers self publishing agents would be hungry for business but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Anyway, I wish all the best with your book. May you sell beyond your expectations.

    Thanks for following my blog 🙂

    1. Thank you. Yes I am thrilled. The whole agent thing has me buffaloed. I would think they would grab certain projects (or at least answer the query). It is not to be.

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