My GRL Blog Tour Volunteer Recognition – Herman Kok


I want to thank Herman Kok for helping with the My GRL launch. He has a blog If All Else Fails Use a Hammer which has a sub-text of An Exercise in Percussive Maintenance. So what does all that mean? A visit to his blog quickly explains under the About Hammers tab: “Percussive maintenance is the fine art of bludgeoning an electronic device in order to encourage it to work properly (Urban Dictionary).”  Herman further explains: “So this is me whacking stuff (and sometimes just myself) with a verbal hammer.”

A visit to the blog is like going to a multi-faceted, talented, and sumptuous buffet of words and ideas. More words from Herman about this:   If you’re looking for a single-subject blog you’re in the wrong place.  “While I aim to mostly write fiction and book-related posts, you’ll also get photography, philosophy, recipes and social commentary (which shouldn’t necessarily be taken seriously).  Sometimes I just rant.  Sometimes I’m silly.  Sometimes I write about puppets.  It’s fun, really, cause you never know what’s coming up next.”


His About tab gives even further incentives to become a regular follower of his mode of writing. Here you will find the name of his Gravatar KokkieH. It is named after his grandfather Kokkie with an H for Herman and hammer tacked on the end. The important part of the about tab is the knowledge that Herman is from South Africa and is very serious about life. Of course he hides this seriousness behind a very large sense of humor. The example here is his claim to be a Lion trainer (quickly rescinded)

His other tabs: Books 14 and Song Title Challenge show the wide range of  Herman’s interest. The books tab list the books he is currently reading. The song challenge tab describes the feature where Herman writes a 300 word piece using a song title as a prompt. He also allows the readers to suggest songs and as a side challenge the genre of pieces to be written. He also encourages all of us to participate with pieces of our own. Great fun.

Thanks Herman for the help on this tour.


  1. You chose interesting aspects to focus on. It’s fun to see how someone else views my blog 😀


    1. No one reads the back ground stories so I thought yours was great.


      1. I should also state that it’s ninety per cent made up 😉


      2. who cares it’s good stuff


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    An interesting look at my blog through someone else’s eyes. While you’re there, be sure to check out John’s new book.


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