My GRL Blog Tour Volunteer Recognition – Katie Sullivan

img014Katie Sullivan is the genius behind the D/A Dialogs which is her blog operated under the moniker A, but seems to be habituated by an interesting druid named D. ( well, before he gets upset, he has a longer name: Dubh an Súile mac Alasdair, a seventh century Pict warrior and Druid and is called D for short.) I first met D when I was invited over to Katie’s blog for an interview. D was quite gracious, but did mistake me for John Milton.  Katie has a wonderful site. Her Tabs: The Story, Other Stories and Katie Sullivan Author let you know what is available on this site.

A click on the Katie Sullivan site yields some interesting information as well:

The About tab is very succinct and I’m going to quote it here:

“Writer, mom, real-food foodie, reckless gardener and wannabe spy. One day I’ll add mountain climber, pilot-in-training and world traveler to that list. I have a head start on the latter thanks to spending my college years attending University College Dublin, but there is a lot more world to see. Professionally, I write young adult novels and blog as “A” at The D/A Dialogues.  I also have a day-job at which I am surrounded by some of the most passionate people in the hobby industry. Train enthusiasts are cool, beaders are incredibly creative, star gazers and science geeks are so much fun, and those with cabins? I’m going to count myself among your number one day.

Personally, I have a teenager. I’m not sure when that happened, but he insists it was a good thirteen years in the making. Together, we indulge our love of Clue and witty British television (and emotional British television . . . and dramatic British television . . . and The Office). We live in Wisconsin – it isn’t the world, but it is beautiful, and a great place to start.

Want to connect? Click here.”

The rest of her tabs under Katie Sullivan Author: My Work, Connect, Latest News, and Blog direct the reader to the right spot instantly to get the latest from Katie. Katie has just started this new location where she can feature her author work exclusively. Now she has finished Changelings:Into the Mist this will be a place for Katie Sullivan Author to be more of a single mind in her message. You can click HERE to visit.

Thank you Katie for your help on My GRL and hopefully I can return the favor on Changelings:Into the Mist.


  1. Katie is the best. 🙂


  2. John, you are awesome – thank you for this!


    1. The subject is awesome. Thank you.


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