Kori Miller Writes – Published The Boss by John W. Howell


The boss is a piece of flash fiction which Kori Miller on her Kori Miller Writes site has posted. You can go here to read it. I certainly want to thank Kori for putting it up on her space. There is also an imposing picture of me there, but you can avert your eyes.

Kori’s site has a number of authors featured as well as information on pod casting. Definitely worth a visit.


  1. That was an excellent bit, John 🙂 Poor Frank. He just can’t win no matter what story you put him in 😉

    1. Notice I use Frank whenever possible. He was a cohort of mine who did me wrong. This is the way I work forgiveness.

      1. It’s an excellent way to work forgiveness and avoid time in jail 😉

  2. Thanks for posting this on your blog. And, for your very kind plug for KMW.

    1. Anytime. Thanks for posting my story.

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