Sunday – Fifty -Two Views of the Gulf

2015-06-20 08.23.09

This week’s photo shows a little of the debris that has washed up as a result of Tropical Storm Bill. It wasn’t too bad and what you see here are the charcoal remains of fires on the beach. The surf rolls in such a way as to unearth them even if buried in the sand. The yellow morning glories are in bloom, and the beach has been washed clean by the surf. (the nice side of a tropical storm)

2015-06-13 08.09.26

You can see from last week’s photo the water has receded this week.



  1. Is that a walkway/path to the beach right from your home? That’s fantastic!

    1. No, it is the shared walkway for the houses in the neighborhood. Thanks for the visit.

      1. That’s still great. I’d love that kind of ocean access.

      2. We are putting in a new one this winter which will be golf cart accessible

  2. It’s 8:43 a.m. and a walk on your beach would be welcome about now. Even the picture is soothing and calming. I love the smell and sounds of air and water during a morning stroll. 🙂

    1. Yup. The photo is taken on Saturday at about 8:30 a.m. so I understand what you are saying.

  3. It’s such a calming view — especially when it’s deserted.
    With the storms, I keep wondering… How many times have you had to evacuate?

    Wishing you a lovely Father’s Day. Hugs.

    1. We only evacuated once in 2008 when Ike threatened. Thanks for the wishes.

      1. Good to know. Have a good new week.

    1. Thank you. 🙂

  4. How nice it must be to live close to the ocean…so relaxing.

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