Tuesday – Anything Possible

Now that the sun has returned I thought I would give you a view of the sea facing side (West) of the Dune and point out the beautiful purple morning glories that grow there. My purpose is to give you an idea of how much dune there is.

2015-06-13 08.22.53

As you can see, the dune is made of sand (duh) but is covered with a number of vines. These vines are a good thing since when the Gulf decides to move in during times of storm the vegetation keeps the sand somewhat in place.

Here is another view looking off toward the south. This is back behind the dune again but gives you an idea that the dune does provide a first line of defense in case of water surge. The bird sitting on the beach pole 41 is a Heron.

2015-05-30 08.33.03

Notice also the lack of development on the land between the Gulf and where this photo was taken. (Those buildings are about a quarter-mile away and are set back from the Dune as well). This is on purpose and keeps the area free of houses and condos so that the defense against rising tide is kept intact. The last storm which caused a significant surge was Hurricane Ike in 2008. About twenty feet of dune was washed away in a manner of hours. The twenty feet have been replaced by the natural action of the Gulf and movement of the sand.



  1. If only the beaches around here did that. They have a big erosion problem that seems to get ‘solved’ by dumping more sand into the area. Beautiful coastline.

    1. Yeah, Texas caught on early to leave those dunes alone,

      1. Somebody needs to yell at Long Island then. Get the megaphones!

      2. Might be too late.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the different perspective John. Very pretty and functional…who’da thunk?

  4. Wonderful when everyone leave well enough alone. Fabulous, natural view. 😀

    1. I should have done a close up but then I would have to try a poem and would fail, so good I didn’t. Thanks.

  5. The juxtaposition in colors is striking. It’s amazing how Mother Nature just makes things work together.

    1. So true. Thanks Phillip

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