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I have been nominated by Charles Yallowitz for a fun project. It is called First Post Challenge. The idea is to list your first post as a ping back to the original and then nominate five other bloggers to do the same.

So here is my first post on Fiction Favorites. I was pleased to see it got two likes. Probably by the only two who read the piece. It was about Kurt Vonnegut my hero.

Here are my five:

Sally Cronin

Phillip McCollum

aFrank Angle



  1. There you go John, you now have three….have a great day….

    1. Ha ha ha . Thank you sir Michael.

      1. I am here to oblige good sir….

  2. What made you write about Kurt Vonnegut for your first post? (Nice to read it by the way.)

    1. I loved him and figured he would be my choice to sit and talk to if that were possible. Since that was impossible I picked him as the first of a series. Thanks L Marie for the visit.

  3. Interesting first post. I’m curious what made you write that as your first post. Did you already plan on being a published author with a blog at that point?

    1. Yes I thought it would be cool to do a number of authors and found after a while no one wanted to hear about them. So I had to switch it up.

      1. I wonder if you could do it now. There are a lot of ‘fan blogs’ about authors, so it might be something to do later after establishing an audience.

      2. I actually did several, but you may be right.

      3. Ever consider doing a revisit to see what happens?

      4. Maybe I could throw a couple out and test the wind. Good idea. Thanks.

      5. No problem. Looking forward to them.

  4. I love Kurt Vonnegut’s dry humor as well.

    1. Yes. When i read his stuff it’s like being in the room with him.

      1. Is that the truth! 🙂

  5. Thanks for this John. You’ll see my response tomorrow!

  6. […] to John Howell for passing on this particular challenge. It’s a little frightening to peek into the past, […]

    1. Thanks for the ping back and I thought your first was better than mine.

  7. I’ll have to beg off this time, John, but thanks for thinking of me! (BTW, my first post was really just a typical bitch session about publishing. What else is new?)

    Any man who loves Vonnegut is a bro to yours truly!

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