Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Mind”


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Stream of Consciousness Saturday has come around again. This week’s prompt is “mind” and can be used in any context according to the dungeon master advice of Linda Hill. If you would like to join in please visit Linda’s site.

Mind by John W. Howell © 2015

“Say what?”

“I said it looks like you’ve lost your mind.”

“Why on Earth would you say such a thing?”

“Look at you. Your shirt and pants are on backwards and you have no shoes.”

“Did it ever occur to you that I have dressed like this on purpose?”

“No. I also don’t get how you managed to button that shirt.”

“Well I did it on purpose. I’m trying to demonstrate how some of us don’t know if we are coming or going.”

“Who are you demonstrating this idea to?”

“See there you go ending the sentence with a preposition.”

“Okay let me rephrase my question Mr. Grammar. Who are you demonstrating the idea to you idiot?”

“Not who but how many.”

“Okay. How many?”

“Just one.”

“Okay, I’ll bite. Who is the one?”

“You know him.”

“Yeah, who is it.”

“Look in this mirror.”

“Have you lost your mind?”

“This is what we call a circular situation.”

“I give up.”

“Well do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Know if you’re coming or going?”

“Please shoot me.”

“Which way?”


“Coming or going?”


  1. I am sure you get a real buzz from writing these entertaining pieces John. I had a mind to tell you that.

    1. I do like the idea of not being able to go back. This makes the ending a surprise to me as well.

  2. So how did he button that shirt?

    1. He actually buttoned it before putting it on (except for the last two at the top) and then slipped it over his head then buttoned the top two. 🙂

      1. Highly skilled. I’ve tried that and don’t have the arm flexibility to pull it off. Or is it put it on?

      2. Pull it on I think.

  3. Curious about the shirt too. I enjoyed this John. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going but I usually dress correctly. Well, I misalign buttons all the time but…

    1. Me too on the buttons. Thanks

  4. LOL. I could picture all that so clearly. Well done, John. Hugs

    1. Thank you, Teagan. Your episode was great. I was a little early today.

      1. You’re so kind, John. I was able to get most of it done Friday (not always possible with work). I just aim for “sometime during the weekend” — since my aim is always off, I need a big target! 😀

  5. LOL! Brilliant!!! 🙂

  6. Ha! Very good, made me smile at the end there too. It would be a great talent to be able to do up buttons on the reverse…or zippers…I have gone out with dresses partially zipped because I couldn’t reach them to pull them all the way up and the Hubby wasn’t home to rescue…(they were great dresses and yes I HAD to wear them even partially zipped…)

    1. Although I don’t wear dresses I can imagine the feeling. I always appreciated the long thingy on a wetsuit. It made it easy to zip up the back and wonder why dress designers don’t do the same.

  7. I keep wanting to do these, but I’m probably overthinking the rules…

    1. Yeah, just jump in.

  8. “Confused? You won’t be, after this week’s episode of…Soap.”

  9. I’m having that kind of day. I don’t know what that comment was supposed to mean, I just felt like saying it.

    1. Sometimes just saying it makes sense.

  10. Lovely little exchange.
    I never know if I am coming or going either.

    1. Comment feeling. 🙂

  11. I’ve repeated sentence #2 to myself way too often…

    1. Me too. My wife tends to agree too much as well.

  12. Run away! Run away! Haha!
    …wait, dungeon master? *snickers*

      1. Second time I’ve seen that word in as many days. Must be the time of year for naughtiness.

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