Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt Any Four Letter Word

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It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday again. This week’s prompt is any four letter word. This more or less opens the world of words that have four letters. I guess I could go to all kinds of extra efforts to find a real good four letter word yet the one that immediately comes to mind is love. I think I’ll go with that one. If you would like to join in each week go to Linda’s site and find out how to do it. It’s easy so come on join in. Here is my interpretation  of a four letter word prompt.

Love by John W. Howell © 2015

“So you’re part of this prompt thing are ya?”

“Yeah, I am. This week’s is a bit of a puzzle though.”

“How so?”

“The prompt is any four letter word.”

“Any four letter word? Wow I can think of a hundred right off the top of my head.’

“All good for mixed company right?”

“Well anyone I hang out with has heard them all before.”

“I can imagine.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Oh nothing. I just think we’ve all become too casual about the use of profanity.”

“Profanity? What makes you think I was talking about profanity?”

“Oh I don’t know. Just the way you jumped on the four letter thing I guess.”

“Well I’ll have you know the first word that popped into my mind was ‘help.”’

Help? You serious?”

“Yeah then walk, talk , milk, silk, wish, fish, rant, aunt, tale, fail,near, beer─”

“Okay I get it. I’m sorry I accused you of being profane.”

“Said, dead, keep, beep─”

“Enough. I take it back.”

“I love you man.”


“You are so gullible.”

“So I was right.”

“Naw. I was thinking of the best one.”

“Which is?”

“Love. As in I love you.”

“You kill me.”

“I love you to death.”

“You can say that again, but please don’t”



  1. LOL. Thanks for a fun word game, John. Happy Saturday! Hugs.

    1. Thank you. Have a good one. Hugs back.

  2. Great job John. Who’s loves ya baby?

    1. Thanks Dan. Have a great weekend

  3. Gotta ❤ ❤ 😉

  4. Very funny. I’ll admit that my mind went to the profane ones. Think we’re too used to attaching the term ‘four letter word’ to those.

    1. Yes it’s true. I see you are following me again. I’m so glad.

      1. I jumped back on as soon as I realized what happened. Glad to be back. Any mail while I was gone?

      2. A bunch of junk and one from the IRS. That’s all.

      3. Dang. I never win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. Though I have no idea why it’s called that. Do they publish stuff? Why are they clearing out houses? Do you have to move when you win?

      4. You have to move so the Publishers Clearing House prize team have a place to stay.

      5. Those poor nomads.

      6. I know right?​

  5. When I write conversations like that, it reminds me of something my wife once said about my family, “It only takes one of you to have two opinions.”

    1. Ha ha ha. Good one.

  6. Clever – and funny!

    1. Thank you, Judith for the re-blog

  7. Good one John entertaining as always….

    1. Thank you Michael.

  8. Nice on John. Have yourself a “love”ly Sunday.

    1. Thanks Phillip. You as well.

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