Sunday – Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf

2015-09-12 08.38.35

As you can see we have been getting some rain. I was listening to the weatherman last night and he declared this was the 24th wettest year in 128 years. I’m not too sure how relevant that sound bite is, but I believe we have gotten a lot of rain this year. Those are sun rays breaking through the clouds and it isn’t raining when I took this photo. It looks like it is, though. The temperature is in the 70’s which is a result of a cold front. (don’t laugh). No that is not a sea creature by the water on the right. It is a plastic box that washed up.

Last week’s photo.

2015-09-04 08.29.38


  1. It’s amazing how weathermen and sports announcers pull these stats out so quickly. Must have an Intern on a laptop just typing away to find this stuff.

    1. Sometimes they amaze me.

      1. ‘This is the 351st sunniest day since Captain Samuel Jenkins crashed his dinghy into a very perturbed porpoise.’

  2. I love looking at the sun’s rays breaking though.

    1. I do too. We have had a lot of that lately. Thanks Dan

  3. September is one of the best months of the year over here in the UK, at least I think so. From the looks of things September is also a good month where you are. Not too hot but warm enough to enjoy the beach.

    1. October and November really are the best for us. September is normally still quite hot.

  4. I’m glad we were able to send some of that cooler air your way, John. Rain clouds sure make pretty skies, though I imagine you’d prefer some drying out about now.

    1. We can always use rain. This is a desert and rainfall is a blessing.

  5. Quite a lot of contrast in the sunlight on the two days. I love that I can see that patch of sunlight breaking through. It made a very nice photo, John. Wishing you a marvelous new week. Hugs!

    1. You as well Teagan. 🙂

  6. Beautiful shots, John! We had a cool front move through too. It’s nice to turn off the A/C and open the windows.

    1. Our cool front doesn’t let us do that until November.

  7. A view that is never tiresome. So, did you get the rain?

    1. Yes. We got about two inches. Wonderful.

      1. Now that’s a good rain … hopefully it wasn’t in one hour.

  8. We had a little bit of rain here this past week, though not nearly what we need. We’ll see what kind of cards El Nino deals us this fall though.

    1. OOOWA-WA OOOWA-WA OOOWA-WA (famous Texas rain dance.)

  9. Beautiful photos. I love walking along the beach. For me it is the ultimate relaxation.

    1. I agree. We do it daily

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