Wednesday story Day – AKA Hump Day


Wednesday story Day again which reminds us that last week Alexis and Ben were trying to manage some contingency plans in case Alexis’ father refused to give them some C4 explosives. Ben has an idea to use Ammonium Sulfate as a bomb. He knows that it will take more than he can carry so suggested they pack a van with the stuff. Alexis as a true Millennial refuses to be seen in a van and suggests a Porsche SUV instead. We need to go back and see Ben’s reaction. This should be good.

“A Porsche? What the hell Alexis? Do you know how hard those suckers are to steal?”

“Oh, I’m sure you have the skill to do it my genius man.”

“Now come on. Those things have alarm systems on top of systems. Even if we make a getaway all the owner has to do is use his smart phone to turn the thing off.”

“Okay, then what we have to do is convince my father to give us the C4.”

“He already said he would.”

“Wait till my mother gets her claws into him. She’ll paint a picture of boom and gloom so to speak.”

“Why is she so against this deal?”

“My guess? Cause she is jealous and wants in.”

“Let’s let her in then. A simple solution to me.”

“To you yes it would be. To me, it would be a nightmare.’

“How so?”

“Alexis do this. Alexis do that. Alexis, you’re not doing it right. OMG, I can see it all now.”

“Alright then. How do we get your dad to cough up the C4?”

“I think I will have to use some charm and try toΒ poo-poo all the things mother tells him.”

“What will you say about the danger?”

“Daddy. We have detonators connected to timers. We will be long gone.”

“Yeah, that’s good. How about if he says it is too risky for him given he is one of the few C4 dealers around.”

“Daddy dear. Ben and I will fake a burglary at your place and then you will call the police just as soon as you discover the break-in. That will be the morning after the explosion.”

“Sounds good. I would go for it.”

“Is there any other argument he could come up with do you think?”

“He could say something to the effect that my mother is against it.”

“What will you say to that one?”

“Daddy dear. Would you like to see some pictures of mommy with Mr. Thompson.”



  1. Mommy is reaping what she sowed with that kid. I’m getting curious about if this is our world too because I’ve never heard of a C4 dealer. Especially one that could report the theft of such explosives to the police. Is that actually possible? I ask because I always think of C4 as military only and now wonder if it has a civilian use too.

    1. Hmm. I better look that up. You make a good point.

      1. Maybe construction?

      2. If you have a Federal license you can get C4 drop-shipped to your location. So our man is a supplier to the municipal (road demolition) market.

      3. Cool. Makes the situation feel even riskier.

      4. There is an ATF agent at my door. I guess googling “availability of C4” is not the thing to do.

      5. Offer them a margarita and free copies of your books. Then it’s all good. πŸ˜€

  2. OK, so the apple Alexis didn’t fall very far from the mom tree. I keep wondering if you’re going to have any characters that I like in this one John.

    1. Hmmm. Maybe the dad will have some redeeming value. (doubtful)

  3. Ooh. Who’s Mr Thompson?

    1. Someone who shouldn’t be fooling around with Mrs.Worthe.

  4. So, mommy’s playing around, is she? And still acting all high and mighty! Never was a road so long it didn’t turn — she’ll get her comeuppance!!

    1. I think you may be right.

  5. John, you have a great imagination. LOL, boom & gloom… Too funny! Sounds like Alexis has it covered. Hugs

    1. She does have it covered. HUGS and thanks Tegean

  6. Love the ‘gloom and boom’. Has a spectacular sound to it. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Alexis plays dirty pool,but then so does mom. πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ Oh-oh. Everyone here deserve what they get, but I wonder what that might be. ❓

    1. We are talking explosives here. Maybe they will get …well you know…blown up.

      1. Sure. Got that. Sounds like forewarning…
        πŸ˜€ ❓ 😎

  7. And I thought my family was crazy… Good one John.

    1. Gives a normal perspective doesn’t it

  8. Those pics must be . . . explosive.

    You are dynamite, Sheriff. But you knew that already.

    1. Explosive. Ha ha ha. Good one.

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