Thanks A. G. Moye for Helping Launch His Revenge

A.G Moye

I want to thank A.G. Moye for helping with the launch of His Revenge. He is has posted a launch announcement at Visit his other blog at as well. As a thank you i would like you to know more about A.G. Moye.

A.G.Moye is the author of Fifteen Books all available on Amazon. Visit his author page to see them.

Here is a little more information about his books from A.G.

#marauder #SpaceCowboy #books with a Twist! are my hashtags. Born in the cotton fields of Arkansas.
Lived in Clarksville, AR and delivered newspapers from five to fourteen. After the death of my Father when I was eleven, my Mother remarried few years later and moved me to California. “Los Angeles” to be exact.
Boy, was that a shock for a fifteen a boy to come from a small town of 3,000 people to the huge city of LA. I recalled the first morning after we arrived, I was used to walking all around our small town and set out to walk around my new home. I didn’t get very far when a car full of teenage girls pulled up next to me walking on the sidewalk. The one in the passenger seat yelled to me, “Hi Jolly Green Giant!” I guess because I had on a green shirt, and my eyes are green. Being from a small southern town, girls just didn’t speak to guys without being properly introduced at that time! I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t speak. Laughing at my red face, they drove away! That was my introduction to California lifestyle

I started writing on the computer my Lightning in the Tunnel series in 1987 after thinking back about the riots in LA and wondered what would really happen in that city should a big event take place like a nuclear bomb, that was how my Lightning in the Tunnel series came about.
I have found my true love, my wife pushed me to publish my books after reading one of them, and she has been my greatest saleslady! Can you guess, I loved to write.
Brandi’s Nightmare followed my new science fiction/space opera called the “Chronicles of the Marauder-Marauder Rising is out. Complete with Alien creatures and personality conflicts.
Chronicles of the Marauder Book Two is now out. Book Three the conclusion is written but awaiting editing along with my next book of the Lightning in the Tunnel series called “Lightning Rages.” Two off-shoots of this series are being written, due out in 2015.
My Novella, called, “Sasha: A beam of Light” This is another unique book that has vampires, giant spiders, medieval knights, and witches! Check out my books, you might find something you like. Just a thought, LOL!


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