Shout Out to Teri Polen for Helping Launch His Revenge




Teri Polen

Teri Polen is a reader and reviewer and has a killer blog named Books and Such. She is helping with the launch  of His Revenge and as a thanks I want you to know a bit about her.

Here are some of her badges

Polen 1Polen 2Polen 3








Here is what Teri says about herself.

“Some of my favorite things in life are books (no romance), music (preferably alt/rock and absolutely no country), movies (rarely chick flicks), red wine (no Merlot) and dark chocolate (please don’t add any fruit to what is already perfection).   On the flip side of that, I strongly dislike the color pink and loathe shopping – unless it’s in a bookstore or someplace I can buy movies, music, wine, or chocolate.  That being said, it’s pretty evident why my female friends think I’m a  little strange.”

Thank you again, Teri


  1. You’re welcome, John!

  2. Two of my favourite ladies! Go john!

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