Wednesday – Story Day – AKA Hump Day



Wednesday Story Day again. If you recall we left Mrs. Wolfe goading Alexis into wanting to not only blow the student union but to turn on poor Ben. It seems Alexis has no inheritance and she is now looking at Ben in a different light. She doesn’t want to be confined to living the life afforded by a normal salary of an engineer. She is now out for blood. Ben of course is taken back and tells Mrs. Wolfe to shut up. Let’s go to see if Ben still lives.

“Don’t you dare tell me to shut up you little weasel.”
“Well you should close your mouth instead of spreading your poison to Alexis.”
“I think I can think on my own Ben.”
“Alexis. Don’t you see what she’s doing?”
“I see she has a concern for my future. Unlike some little minded engineer types who will go unnamed.”
“Come on Alexis. You and I were very happy until your mother stirred the pot.”
“Happy how? I was counting on my inheritance to offset the lack of money you were going to make. I let you believe I was okay with your little meager goals since I knew I had enough money to do what I wanted.”
“And what is it you want to do?”
“I want to travel and not in a trailer either. I want jewels and nice clothes. I want to eat in the finest places.”
“I get it Alexis. You want all the things a few million can buy.’
“Yes Ben. That’s what I want.”
“Okay Mrs Wolfe. You win. I’ll do anything to keep Alexis.”
“Now you are talking like a real grown up Ben.”
“Yes Ben. I have to admit you are cute and I would hate to have to give you up. I’m glad you see it our way.”
“Run Ben.”
“Excuse me sir?”
“You should get out of here while you still can. These two will own your soul if you’re not careful.’
“Be quiet my dear. Here take this drink and go back to your book. We’ll tea good care of Ben. Won’t we Alexis.”
“Oh, yes mommy. Ben is in very good hands. Come sit next to me Ben.”


  1. Run! It makes me imagine Dr. Who dropping in on them and yelling “Run!!!”
    A nicely timed, well placed Twist, John. A good point to pause with the last episode of this year. Mega hugs!

    1. Thank you Teagan. I had hoped to conclude by now but these guys won’t let me. They continue to turn on the nausea tap. Happy New Year and Hugs.

  2. Oh no! Ben is doomed. How can he escape from this coven.

    1. I have to think he is lost.

      1. You’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out how he deals with it, John,.

      2. Darn. Thought you could tell me.

  3. Yes, dad, and make it a double.

    1. Neat with a water side.

  4. It’s too late for dad but Ben should take his advice. Run! Run and don’t look back!

    1. Not sure Ben has the courage.

  5. This is getting rather creepy. Curious where it will go and how much Ben can take. Though he seems to have broken.

    1. I thought Ben would have more Chutzpah, but he seems to need Alexis more than she needs him.

      1. Yeah. He crumbled fairly quickly, but she kind of did too. Still hoping the mom meets with an untimely end since she’s obviously the source of all the darkness.

      2. Look up. Is that a falling house?

      3. Better make it two to be safe.

  6. Love the picture. Made me smile. 🙂

    1. Me too. Thanks Pit.

  7. I’m glad these characters won’t let you go, John. Great picture! So, was that you as a child?

    1. How did you know? One teacher mentioned to my mom when I was in the second grade, “John needs to be busy doesn’t he?”

  8. Ben needs to run like a bunny! Lol

    1. Poor sap is too dumb.

  9. If Ben’s as smart as an engineering student should be, he’ll take Dad’s advice and skedaddle! Life with those two harpies would be a nightmare, despite the money. Happy New Year’s, John!

    1. Thanks Debbie. Happy New Year to you as well

  10. This feels like American Horror Story Season 3, and I read it right before bed. Yay me!

    Ben needs to invest in sneakers or steroids. Let’s go with both.

    Feliz Ano Nuevo, Boss

    1. Thanks Cayman. Happy New Year Amigo.

  11. I think he would have had more luck if he’d given this answer to “What is it you want to do?”

    1. Ha ha ha. This is great.

      1. Fantastic band. One of the best live shows I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot.

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