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I guess by now you all know I love writing prompts, and Keith Channing posts a picture once a week on Mondays. You can go here and see the post http://channing.info/wp/2016/01/04/kreative-kue-58/

And here is the picture.

Kreative Kue #58

What is that? by John W. Howell ©2016

“Do you believe it is 2016 already?”

“I know right? It seems like it was just a couple of days ago it was 2015.”

“Erm. It was 2015 a couple of days ago. I was making a comment on how fast time goes by.”

“Oh, I get it. Hey, what is Jerry doing back there?”

“Back where?”

“In the stern. He’s pulling something out of the water.”

“Could be the bumper genius. One may have gone overboard.”

“I don’t think so. I’m going aft to check it out.”

“Take the walkie talkie with you.”

“I got it. Can you read me?”

“I’m standing next to you. Of course, I can read you. Also, you need to turn the thing on.”

“Oh yeah. Gosh. Makes me look foolish right?”

“Yeah right. Now go back there and contact me when you find out what Jerry’s doing.”

“Captain, can you read me? Over”

“Yes. I can read you. What’s going on? Over”

“Jerry has hooked some kind of tube. It looks like it might be a scientific buoy. Over.”

“Is it heavy? Over”

“Naw. It’s pretty light.”

“Bring it to the bridge. Over.”

“On my way. Over and out.”

“Hey, cap. Look at this thing.”

“I’ll be damned. I’ve read about these but never thought I would see one. I know what that is.”

“You do?”

“Yes. it’s a document carrier. It’s used in the submarine service to carry important documents. If anything happens to the sub this thing is supposed to be jettisoned and explode at a preset depth.”

“Did you say explode?”

“Come to think about it I wonder why this thing is intact. Let me take a picture of it and send it to the naval office.”

“Do I hear ticking?”

“Don’t be silly. It’s obvious something malfunctioned and the pod did not self-destruct. We need to turn this into the Navy. To be safe, we better tow it a few yards astern. Tie it off with a line and throw it overboard.”

“Aye aye.”

“Did you get it deployed?”

“Yes. Not too soon I’m thinking.”

“I got a text from the navy and they have identified the pod as a document carrier.”

“Really. Which sub was it on.”

“They are not sure and need to open it. What was that noise?”

“I think the pod just went off.”

“See if Jerry’s okay. I’ll circle back. Maybe there’s some debris.”

“Captain? Over.”

“Yes. Over.”

“Jerry’s fine. Over.”

“Good. Over and out.”

Well, the captain and crew never found any debris and all they have left is the photo. The mystery of which submarine released the document carrier may never be solved.

This post is part of JusJoJan and if you would like to play go to the rules post.  http://lindaghill.com/2015/12/31/just-jot-it-january-2016-rules/







  1. LOL, visions of Abbott & Costello 😀
    I’ve never heard of “document carriers” that was an interesting tidbit.
    Onward to the office. Have a terrific Tuesday. Hugs

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    1. Go carefully.(but quickly) 🙂


  2. Interesting device. So is it to protect confidential information? I assume so since it explodes.

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    1. Yup. Makes important stuff disappear.


  3. You have me curious about those documents, John. Good job!

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    1. Thanks Jill. If I got in any further I would have another book started.

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  4. Unsolved mysteries are such an interest.

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    1. Especially if they are mysterious and unsolved.


      1. *laughs* That makes them even better!

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  5. The ultimate records destruction policy.

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    1. Yes. Every employee should have one.

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  6. Interesting! I had no idea that such a thing exists. I wonder what was in it???


    1. In my mind a big bunch of explosives (don’t forget I’m a fiction writer.)


  7. LOVE this one. I especially like how you wrapped it up at the end.

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    1. Thanks Andra. Sometimes the end is elusive as you know. I could have gone on for thousands of words.

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  8. Fascinating and educational?
    Well done, John!

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    1. Not sure about the educational. I write fiction, remember.


      1. Fiction can be somewhat educational, John!

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  9. Phew! I was half expecting it to blow and take the vessel and her crew with it. Good response, thanks John.

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    1. Yeah, that would have been too much

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  10. Oh no! What a cliff-hanger!

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    1. Yes. It’s like the old two reeler.

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