Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day #JusJoJan



Well, it is Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we were rudely interrupted by a gunshot that came after Ben was trying to get Mrs. Worthe to give up the C4. The last thing we read was Alexis asking Ben, “Oh Ben what have you done?” I think we should get back there and find out what happened. Before we go, I have to ask, “Is anyone out there a doctor?” Since this is fiction, you just need to know how to play one. So let’s all gird our loins and see what’s going on.
“Alexis, I think I shot myself in the foot.”
“Well, this would be typical.”
“Mom, please. Can’t you see Ben is hurt.”
“I can see he is making a mess out of the carpet. Alexis go get a towel so we can stop this bleeding. Hurry up. We don’t want Ben to die right here.”
“You know I can hear you Mrs. Worthe.”
“Yes, Ben I’m well aware. Now lay down and put that foot in the air.”
“Boy, it really hurts.”
“I’m sure it does Ben. It doesn’t look too good either.”
“My, you are such a comfort.”
“I have the towel. What do we do know?”
“Alexis honey, pull off what’s left of that shoe and wrap the towel around his foot.”
“What was that noise?”
“Well look who woke up. Alexis tell your father Ben has shot himself.”
“I just heard you. What’s the matter you not talking to me?”
“Daddy, Mom, please. We need to help Ben.”
“In the service, we used to practice patching up wounds.”
“Oh, daddy. Do you know what to do?”
“Well, not really. We never had a live wound before.”
“Ben to people. I’m getting a little dizzy.’
“Hmm. Sounds like shock.”
“Okay, Daddy if it is shock what do we do?”
“We should call EMS.”
“Oh no, you don’t. How the hell are we going to explain dufus and the hole in his foot?”
“Trudy if we don’t get someone here Ben boy might just take a walk over the Rainbow Bridge.”
“Rainbow Bridge what are you talking about?”
“Shut up Ben. This doesn’t concern you.”
“Doesn’t concern me? I’m the one needing a doctor.”
“I’m trying to figure out how we can get you medical attention surreptitiously.”
“Yes without alerting the authorities that you have a gunshot wound.”
“I say we drive him to the hospital and say he has had a hunting accident.”
“Good idea Alexis. How you going to explain he was hunting with a 9mm pistol.”
“Ben do you have a license to carry that thing?”
“The pistol? No. I just got it last week.”
“All of you listen to me. Alexis get Ben ready to move. My dear, you’re going to drive. We are taking Ben to the hospital and dropping him at the emergency entrance. Ben you are going to say you were attacked by a gang and then shot. You don’t remember anything about them, you were grabbed from behind and then the next thing you know you woke up with this wound. You all got that?”
“Yes, dear. Good plan.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Ben. You got that? …Ben.”

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  1. Dang it. Was so hoping for the other option. 🙂 Can someone die from getting shot in the foot?

  2. OK, this did not turn out the way I hoped. My faith in Ben has fallen and my faith in this family, which I had thought had reached rock bottom, has also fallen. He must have had more bullets…

    1. I think he has at least seven left in the magazine.

  3. “How the hell are we going to explain dufus and the hole in his foot?” Ha ha…great line, John.

    1. Thanks Jill. Made me laugh just now.

  4. Twists and turns in every episode. Maybe they know a sympathetic veterinarian.

    1. There you go. Find a horse doctor.

  5. *laughs* If I was Ben…I just might finish off the whole fam, then steal the car, and get fixed, I’m thinking.

    1. He’s getting weaker.

      1. That’s a good point.

  6. Ben is going to have trouble toeing Mrs W’s line now.

  7. Sounds like a good plan to me! But he could have said he was cleaning the gun too.

    1. He doesn’t have a license so that would be hot water as well.

  8. Poor Ben. Bet he’s going to think long and hard from now on about involving these idiots in any of his plans!

    1. If he survives I’ll bet he will

  9. Ben…Ben. Haha. They let him bleed while they argued.

    1. Yes. pretty nasty

  10. I’m disappointed in Ben. Wasn’t he the smart one? Who shoots himself in the foot anyway? 😀 😀
    They better hurry. I believe he’s passed out. This gets better and better. What else can go wrong?

    1. I’ll have to think about it but I’ll bet a lot more can go wrong

      1. Ha ha. I have no doubt about t.h.a.t. I’m just curious what? 😀

  11. I worship at the writing altar of Howell….

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