Thursday – A Little Personal – Frankie Blue Eyes


I lost a good friend and fur child this week. Frankie Blue Eyes joined other’s on that final walk over the Rainbow Bridge. After fourteen years Frank fell ill. Blood tests were normal but an ultrasound, showed he had cancer in virtually every organ. He stopped eating and drinking and short-term treatment for dehydration was only to make him comfortable. We had to be brave and let him go. It is never an easy thing to do but if you love your pet as we did Frank, there was only one path to take.

The picture above is Frank on my desk reminding me that there are a thousand words to write. He did this every day and was a hard taskmaster.


Once Frank was sure I was pounding the keyboard he would settle in for some shuteye and maintain his support profile until I was finished.


When he was certain all was under control in the writing department he would find another place to round out his day.

We will miss you, Frank, and thank you for fourteen years of laughter and protection. Rest well.


  1. Ahh, really sorry to hear that. All the very best. Kris.

  2. Aw, man. Sorry for your loss. (Can’t really bring myself to hit ‘like’ on this.)

    1. Understand. Thank you.

      1. Love his coloration by the way.

      2. He was a feral cat and took after his father who used to roam around in the woods behind out house in San Antonio. Now and then the dad would come up to the patio doors to take a look at Frank. (Frank was an inside cat after he was rescued from the bush)

      3. Interesting how the dad would still show up at times. Never thought of cats doing that.

      4. We were amazed as well.

  3. Sorry to hear that John.
    I’m not a cat person, but I know how hard it is to lose a pet, I was in bits when I lost my dog, Karla, a few years ago.
    I wrote these posts as a cathartic tribute to her memory…

  4. Ahh…I’m so sorry, John. RIP Frank. He sure was a handsome fella.

  5. I’m so sorry John. I know how hard it is when these guys leave us. They touch our lives in so many ways and they become family.

    1. Thank you for the kind words

  6. I am very sorry for your loss, John. Our feline (in your case also canine) co-editors are part of the family. Frankie certainly had a wonderful life with you; this blog post honours him in a beautiful way.

  7. So sorry to hear.

  8. Tough event. Knowing it’s the right thing to do never makes it easier. My old dog has exceeded his shelf life and won’t last much longer.

    1. Yes it is right. Hope it is longer than you expect.

  9. Oh John, I am so sorry for your loss. Our fur babies bring so much love to our lives. Wishing you a peaceful heart in the days to come.

    1. Thank you Lynn. I had to do this post to help in moving on.

  10. They are our fur children and the loss is keenly felt. You have my deepest sympathies. Frank will always be in your heart and in your memories. His presence will remain in his spot on your desk.

    1. So true Pam. Thank you

  11. Always a sad occasion to lose a good companion (and overseer in Frank’s case 🙂 ) John. Letting them go without them suffering is the best expression of love there is, even though their absence is so painful to us.
    My oldest pup, Benji, is on borrowed time now (he’s 15 this year which is amazing for a spollie) so I’m dreading that time, but he seems to be pretty chipper most days, so I’ll postpone as long as possible until things get too much for him.

    1. Thanks Jan. It is hard but all too necessary. Hope Benji surprises you with another few years.

  12. This is like losing a child. You will miss him I’m sure and he will leave a giant space where you expect him to be. So sorry

    1. Thanks Pamela. Fourteen years is a long time with a lot of good memories.

  13. Aw. He was a cute chap, for sure.

  14. What a sweet gentleman he was… Condolences, John.

  15. Oh John – I’m so sorry. Our furry friends hold such special places in our hearts. Still not over the loss of our cat almost 2 years ago.

    1. I understand. We lost our Silky Terrier two years ago and it still hurts.

  16. Have fun scratching up God’s furniture, Frankie Blue Eyes.
    Rest well, you cool cat.

    1. One of his favorite things to do. We gave up having furniture to be proud of. Thanks Hook.

  17. Oh no, John… I am so, so very sorry about Frankie. My heart goes out to you and your wife. It’s so hard when they have that “spot” where they were so consistently your companion.
    Lucky for Crystal she is good being an only cat now (because of her IBD and her disposition), because after losing Aspen last spring… Crystal will be the last one.
    Sending you the biggest hug in the world. 🐱

    1. Thank you, Teagan. My wife says this is it since it tears me to pieces to let them go. I have finally come to the same point. Hugs

  18. So very sorry for your loss! It is a very difficult thing to have to let go of a pet…

    1. Thank you, Angela. It was very hard.

  19. Sorry for the lose of your constant writing companion, a sweet and gorgeous taskmaster. We know the end will come sometime, as it must, but we love our fur babies no matter. RIP Frankie. ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you, Tess. Such a sweet message.

      1. Hope so but seems my fingers forgot how to spell (loss). Wish you the best, John.

      2. Never saw it. That’s what your message did.

  20. So very sorry to hear your sad news, John. Pet’s are so much a huge part of the family and when they cross that rainbow bridge it sure does bring us a lot of sadness amongst the happy memories we have of them.

    1. And sooner or later the good memories take over. Thanks Hugh

  21. We are down to our last cat also as it it so had to let them go. At one time we had six. Frankie looked like a sweetie and part Siamese. I can see that he was your writing buddy. So sorry for you.

    1. Thank you. I think he will like his new place as he was always up for adventure.

  22. I am so so sorry, John. I did hit Like out of empathy. You know we’ve been through this too, and it’s never easy. I still get choked up about each one of our furry friends that went over the Bridge. Luisa was the last and very much went out as Frankie Blue Eyes did. Good health for many years and suddenly riddled with cancer. I guess if they live long enough, they’ll get something, right? Frankie had a good long life with the best caregivers ever.

    1. Aw, thank you, Marie. Yes, I know how you have been in the same position. I’m happy that Frank was as health as he was for as long as he was. He was a very happy cat. Thank you for the kind words. MWAH

  23. So sorry for your loss. He had some serious loyalty.He must have had one good daddy. It hasn’t been long since our Boozer stopped greeting us at the door. So sad to loose him, but glad to know his suffering wasn’t prolonged.

    1. That is the key.Frank didn’t suffer but to continue with hydration and then a food tube was not what I would want done to me. My wife and I were with him and he left peacefully.

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