Rave Waves Blog Talk Radio Spotlight Honors with Jennie Sherwin #RRBC


It is my honor to interview Author Jennie Sherwin today at 11:00 CST on my Spotlight Honors broadcast


Jennie Sherwin has a personal interest MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) which we will be discussing along with her novel “Intentional Healing: One Woman’s Journey to Higher Consciousness and Freedom from Environmental and Other Chronic Illnesses.  Join us as we explore this novel and become better acquainted with the author. Here is the link to today’s broadcast and it you can’t make it the same link will work for the archive. tobtr.com/8211223


You can also visit Jennie at her website. http://jsherwinblog.wordpress.com/


  1. This promises to be a wonderful talk. Thanks John. Mega hugs

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    1. If I don’t run out of coffee that is.:-)


  2. Thanks for the recommendation, John!

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