Wednesday Story day – AKA – Hump Day #JusJoJan



Wednesday Story day again. Last week we witnessed Ben shooting himself and the rest of the group trying to figure out what to do with him. Meanwhile poor Ben is still bleeding, and Mrs. Worthe has come up with a plan to drop Ben at the hospital with a wild story about being jumped by a gang. Alexis and her father responded when Mrs. Worthe wanted confirmation they understood what to do. Mrs. Worth asked Ben if he knew the plan and last week he didn’t answer. We should go back and see what has happened to Ben.
“Ben do you understand the plan. Ben open your eyes and look at me.”
“You still here Mrs. Worthe?”
“Of course, I’m here.”
“That means I’ve gone to hell.”
“Shut up Ben. You’ve gone nowhere. You have a little gunshot wound is all. Quit being so dramatic.”
“Dramatic? Hand me that gun and I’ll give you a shot in the foot, and you can see what dramatic looks like.”
“Now Ben Mommy is just trying to help.”
“I feel her warmth, Alexis. I suppose we ought to get moving.”
“Good boy Ben. Now you are thinking with something other than your low self-esteem.”
“You going to the hospital with me Mrs. Worthe?”
“You bet. I don’t trust you will tell the story right. I’ve decided to go in with you and tell the story. All you have to do is moan and groan and hopefully make the hospital staff want to get yo out as soon as possible.”
“What is the story again. I was in shock when you told it before.”
“Damn Ben. You are the slowest you know that?”
“You want me to tell a different story then?”
“Just tell him, Mommy.”
“Okay, Ben. You were jumped by a gang, and then you passed out, and when you woke up, you had this wound.”
“Passed out. Why would I pass out?’
“You were hit on the head I suppose.”
“Wouldn’t I have a bump or something?”
“Bump where?”
“Well, on the head. If I passed out wouldn’t there be a sign I was hit?”
“Good point Ben. Alexis hand me that fireplace poker.”



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  1. A fireplace poker? Ouch.
    I bet Ben wishes Mrs W was as hearthless as she is heartless.

    1. Ha ha ha. Good one.

      1. I know you rely on me for your weekly groan. ;~}

      2. I keep thinking of the rim shot and cymbal. *bada bump crash*

  2. The woman is thorough, you have to give her that. Poor Ben, he was my last hope.

    1. Well hold on. It could improve. (doubt it)

      1. I live in hope…

  3. Great last line, John.

  4. Somebody is winning a Darwin Award by the end of this.

    1. I am getting it polished now.

      1. The question is who will get it.

      2. Whoever is still breathing at the end.

  5. Ah no! He’s not smart, that Ben. Now he’s going to take a whack.

    1. Could very well be. What a mess.

      1. This is what happens when you get shot in the foot.

  6. It’s important to plant all the right evidence.

    1. I’m not a mystery writer so this will be tough.

  7. Doesn’t “Mommy” know how many folks have died after being struck by a fireplace poker?? (Well, at least in novels, they have!). Anyway, looks like she’s trying to cover all bases, but I’ll bet she’s forgotten something important. Fingerprints, for example.

    1. FINGERPRINTS????Of course. She’s cooked.

  8. So… It was Mrs Worthe, in the hospital, with a poker. That will make a change from Professor Plum, in the study, with a 🔪.

    1. So it would appear.

  9. Bee Halton · ·

    Oh dear, that last sentence made me laugh. Poor Ben!!!!!

    1. Yes poker is a laughable word.

  10. “… a little gunshot wound is all.”” Never a dull moment with this group. Can’t wait until they get to the ER!

  11. Ha ha ha. What a bunch of misfits. If she clubs him with that poker, it could be game over for Ben. Don’t give it to her… Change the story she’s making up. o_O
    😀 😀 😀 My little heart is doing the jitterbug.

    1. Might be game over for sure.

      1. Oops. Might be, but I’m sure you’ll find the way out of this. 😀 😀 Too early for the story to come to a close.

      2. Yes boss. I agree. 🙂

  12. Ahhh!!! Wait, was that Dale’s fireplace poker?

    1. I think you are right.

  13. Ha. I just don’t want this story to end, although all good things must come to an end–eventually. o_O

  14. Poor Ben should have quit while he was behind . .

    1. So true. He should of taken dads advice and run out of there.

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