Sunday – Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf


I have a confession to make. This week’s photo was taken on Friday Morning instead of Saturday. I am out-of-town and could not get a shot on Saturday morning. I am happy to report the weather is about the same. You can see that the walkover is beginning its movement to the beach. Those pieces of equipment are there to handle the wood and poles. Also, there are nine new poles that have been buried since my last photo on Thursday. The view of the Gulf is definitely obscured by the construction. The other item taking up the view is an RV that has been parked on the beach for a week. The police have not done anything and the thing should have been moved four days ago. Ah, the joys of having precious tourists squat wherever they want. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Last week’s photo



  1. Looks like the construction vehicles are on a date.

    1. LOL. It does doesn’t it?

      1. So romantic. πŸ˜€

  2. LOL @ Charles – it was nearly Valentine’s Day so maybe they are romantically involved πŸ˜€

    1. He always has an erudite comment.

  3. I live how low and large the sun is. Hopefully the RV is gone by the time you return.

    1. Yes. I hope so as well. They have three obnoxious dogs off leash.

  4. Awww…the beach. The thought of it makes me feel warm.
    Thank you for the warmth this morning, John…

    1. Thank you for the visit. Yes warm is good

  5. Yeesh… the squatters sound absolutely obnoxious. Maybe you could turn in an anonymous tip to the authorities that you smell a couple of the following (according to Google) “Meth labs can smell like cat urine, rotten eggs, sewer gas, ether, wet diapers, paint thinners, paint removers, adhesives, cleaning fluids, vinegar, pickled foods, cattle feed lots, and fertilizers. Meth labs can smell like a hospital due to the common use of ethyl ether as an anesthetic. Nasal irritant.” and maybe accidentally spill a bottle of ammonia next to the RV 😈
    Okay… not realistic of me, but it’s a fun thought. Is that mean of me? Not with 3 off-leash dogs.
    Enjoyed this week’s view John, with the loaders in love. Mega hugs!

    1. Thanks Teagan. The police are supposed to tell these kind of folks to move on but I think they don’t want to offend. I return home today so we’ll see. I will call them tonight if they are still there. Hugs back.

  6. im sure it’s fun to camp on the beach, but they should follow the rules. There are probably some nice places that are more suitable for them.

    1. Yeah but those places cost money. The beach is $12.00 for a year sticker.

      1. Even then, there will some who won’t buy a sticker.

  7. Friday-Saturday, either day, it’s beautiful, John…especially when we’ve got an ice storm in the forecast. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. OOO nooooooo. Stay warm and Happy V day

    1. Yes. Sharp contrast to winter.

  8. Stunning sunrise minus the squatter tourists, van and construction equipment. o_O

    1. Ha ha ha. Yup I get it.

  9. That sun and sand look way more appealing than the clouds, wind, and snow we’re having today, John — enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

    1. You as well Debbie.

  10. gaildstorey · ·

    John, I appreciate your views of the Gulf! I used to live in Houston and your photos bring back the warmth and sensibility of the beaches.

    1. Thank you so much. Glad you like it.

  11. Is this the home stretch?

    1. April 6th is the last of the 52. The walkover is scheduled for March 3. (don’t think they will make it)

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