Sunday – Fifty Two Views of the Gulf


Here is the regular view this week. Of course, I have to make accommodations since the walkover has not moved. The next few photos will show you where the walkover stands as of Friday.


Here is the beginning of the walkover. The Gulf is straight ahead.


The first turn is ahead.


You can now see the Gulf.


A little closer now. You can see that the walkway takes a turn to the left up ahead.


Here is a bench where you can take a rest and look over the beach.


Here is a look at that left turn. You can see the walkway ends on the sand. This part is not finished as yet.


I am standing on the walk way in the approximate position of all the other photos. Those dark lines in the sand are car and truck tracks. Beautiful day in the mid 70’s, light winds. Yes, that thing in the air to the left that looks like a drawing of a gull is a gull

Last week’s photo.




  1. That’s coming on well, John. It may detract from the putity of the coast, but it will be so much more convenient for folk, especially those with mobility issues.

    1. The Coast purity has been enhanced by going from Vinyl to wood. Of course, if we could get ride of all the cars we would be in heaven

  2. Looks impressive.

    1. I’m thinking of getting a peanut roasting machine.

      1. You need a peanut roaster. A little extra income between books never hurts.

      2. Ha ha ha. A couple of bags and I would be ahead of book earnings.

      3. Here you are Ma’am, one large bag of salted peanuts. Would you like a book with that?

  3. It seems like they accomplished a lot in a week, John. I’ve been fascinated watching the progress. The walkway is looking really nice! I hope they aren’t planning to hit the residents with an assessment for it…
    What beautiful weather. Still really cold here, but at least the sun was out yesterday. Makes a huge difference to have some sunshine. Have a sublime Sunday. Mega hugs!

    1. Sunshine is good. I’m happy for you. Yes, there was an assessment.

      1. Well we needed to do it so we voted for it.

  4. That’s a lot of progress in one week…they did a great job. It looks like a picture perfect day. Happy Sunday, John!

  5. Wow – they’re really cracking on with things! 😀 Looks like you’re in for a lovely meandering walk every day when the warm(er) weather comes in 😉

    1. Even now Jan. Congrats on the iPhone.

  6. Looks like they’ll be done soon. Probably be a nice place to relax when it isn’t busy.

    1. We had some kids up there Friday night and they left beer cans and trash. Idiots.

      1. Ugh. Bound to have happened at some point. Always that one group who does it.

      2. Yeah. These are neighbor kids who visit when their parents are away. Tons of bubba friends.

      3. Vagrants! Not sure if that’s right, but I wanted to say the word. 🙂

      4. I like the word too

  7. I should have had that crew build my new deck…

    1. The travel per diem would have killed you.

  8. Lots of progress. I thought with the walkway in place, motor vehicles may not have access to the beach anymore. One could hope. I’m jealous of your wonderful weather. I believe that seagull is calling me. 😀

    1. The state allows the traffic. Our neighborhood has no control over it. I hear the gull..Tess, Tess, Tess

      1. 😀 😀 😀 Too bad about the vehicular eye sores.
        That’s what I heard the gull say as well–and from waayy over here. Who knew? o_O

  9. Simply beautiful, John! Sidenote: Nonnie doesn’t like the seagulls. Once in Galveston, many years ago, one had the audacity to poo on my back! I run every time I see them now (secretly wishing I could find the one who christened me all those years ago). He’s a dead gull, I tell ya!

    1. I have been hit several times. i think they do it on purpose. Thanks for the visit Nonnie.

  10. Good morning, John,
    They’re making good progress. I think that walkway is good, as it keeps people from trampling through the dunes. That would do a lot of damage.
    Have a great Sunday,

    1. Yes. We need that dune. When Hurricane Ike hit Galveston we got a surge that took twenty feet of dune.

      1. Yes, the dunes and the barrier islands in general are really needed.

  11. The walkway is starting to take shape, should really be something once it’s finished.

    1. I think it will Dave. Thanks

  12. Hard to believe they’ve made so much progress on the walkway, John (but then again, y’all didn’t have the blizzard we had, right?!!) Anyway, thanks for sharing some of your warmth and sunshine — today’s in the 60s and Mr. Sun is out in his glory!

    1. Good deal. It will be Spring in no time.

  13. They’re flying John. Great progress.

    1. Yes. Full crews working

  14. Looks like they are moving right along, John. By the time you walk the length of the new walkway and back again, you are going to be done with exercise for the day. It is a lovely walkway.

    1. Ha ha ha. I think you are right.

  15. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

  16. I could sit on that bench and look over the water for, oh . . I don’t know, forever?

    1. Yeah, I was up there this evening. Pretty peaceful.

  17. They made a good job of that, it looks great.

    1. Thanks. Built it with my bear hands. 🙂

      1. Wow, you have a bear’s hands?

  18. Oh my gosh…how lovely, John. It has changed so much..

    1. It looks like a bridge.

      1. Yeah…I’m on the fence on whether or not I’d want this out my back door. An invitation of sorts… sigh

      2. We have security to make sure the trespassers don’t get too far.

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