Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Ball”

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again. This week’s prompt is “Ball.” Linda Hills says “go have fun with it.” If you would like to join in the fun, go to Linda’s site and get briefed on how to do it.

Here is my interpretation.

Ball By John W. Howell © 2016

“Have a ball. That’s what she said?”

“Well, not exactly. She said Have fun.”

“So we should have fun but keep it under control?”

“I don’t know how you got there. Have a ball. Have fun. It’s all the same to me.”

“That is because you are pretty sloppy with your word use.”

“Sloppy? How do you figure.”

“Just take the last example. You use fun and ball as if they represent the same level of enjoyment.”

“Yeah so?”

“So? When I say ‘have a ball’ the word ball congers up music, dancing outrageous behavior.

“Maybe to you. I’ve never been to a ball, so I don’t know what goes on there. Is it fun?”

“Sure it’s fun, but that is only half of it.”

“What half?”

“A small subset of the entire experience.”

“So when I say ‘have fun’ it is only half of when I say ‘have a ball.’

“Now you’ve got it.”

“Okay tell me. After the fun part, what goes on.”

“I don’t mean to say there is a part. ‘Fun’ just doesn’t cover everything.’

“Like what?”

“Dancing close to a beautiful woman.”

“I’ve done that, and I call it fun.”

“Just fun?”

Hmmm, I think I’m getting what you are saying.”

“Good man. Then there is the music, and everyone all dressed up.”

“Okay, okay. I get it. Never been but I’ve seen movies. So Linda made up the prompt ‘ball’ but only wanted us to have fun and not a ball.”

“Looks that way.”

“I need to talk to her.”

“You go boy.”


  1. I once asked a friend in Tanzania, why the numerous words for problem or difficulty are always plural. “No-one has only one problem,” he replied.
    I suppose ball is similar.

    1. I think so.Thanks

  2. Nicely done, John! Whenever we make homemade pizza, we say we’re having a ‘ball’ for dinner. 🙂 Happy Saturday!

    1. Ha ha ha. I can imagine. Mine always looks like it could be used for something other than eating.

  3. Well done John. I try not to think too hard about what Linda wants. I think she likes to mess with our heads. But, I keep coming back 🙂

    1. Yes. I like to pull her into my stories.

    2. Messing with your heads is what I do best. 😉 Ha! Actually, the goal is to mess with your imaginations. Really what a prompt is all about, isn’t it? 😀

      1. It is, and you do it very well Linda.

      2. Why thank you, kind sir. 🙂

      3. I agree with Dan. You are the best.

      4. Thank you, John. 😀

  4. LOL…I’m feeling a little of your pain about the concept of “ball” or “fun” this morning. Only mine is with “thing” (as in 3). 😀 I hope your weekend is off to a lovely start. Mega hugs my friend.

    1. Thank you, Teagan for the weekend wish. Hugs.

  5. Fun is obviously spherical… Think about it! 😉

    1. Yes. Good point.

  6. Bawl her out for he ball prompt. Maybe she wants you to play in a ball pit.

  7. It was a Fun read, John! Can’t say it was a ball reading, so guess meanings are different. Loved your dialogue. You are really good at it! Happy Weekend! 💛 Elizabeth

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth.Happy weekend to you. BTW I still get people criticizing my dialog since I don’t use extensive tags.

      1. You don’t need tags! Your dialogue rocks! 💛 E.

  8. Great take John I’m awaiting the outcome of your talk with Linda…have a good weekend..

    1. I told her she was the best.

  9. Bee Halton · ·

    LOL I need to talk to her too 😉

  10. Ha ha ha. Talk about making such a fine point of a word and ruining a guy’s fun. I love how naive and laissez-faire your characters are. 😀 😀 😀

    1. Yeah, they take after me.

  11. Oh just have a ball. It’s on me. 😉

    1. Uh. You sure it’s okay?

      1. Positive. You deserve it, John. 🙂

  12. You haven’t lost your edge, John.

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