Wednesday Story Time – AKA Hump Day



Wednesday Story Day time again. Last week we witnessed poor Ben trying to get the attention of the hospital staff to the fact that Mrs. Worthe is behind plans to blow up the Student Union. We left Ben stopped to a gurney heading back to the examination room. None of his pleas were taken seriously. Let’s go back and see how he is doing.

“Hello, Ben. The orderlies tell me you are a little upset.”
“Get away from me Mrs. Worthe. I know you have everyone on the payroll here so at least, be decent enough just to leave me.”
“Ben, Ben, Ben. You poor upset soul. I wouldn’t leave you in your time of crisis. I’m here to help you.”
“Crisis you say? The only crisis around here is being anywhere near you.”
“Ben, you are starting to hurt my feelings. Here let me get the hair out of your eyes. Why Ben you are burning up.”
“Don’t touch me you bitch.”
“Now Ben. You need to play nice if you want to get out of this hospital in one piece.”
“What does that mean?”
“Take it any way you want, but I’m trying to save you, and you keep spitting in my tea so to speak.”
“If I could move I would do more that spit.”
“Big talk from a little man. Hold still Ben. I’m going to give you a little shot.”
“A shot? No, don’t do it Mrs. Worthe. I’m sorry. Okay, okay, okay. You win. I’ll be quiet.”
“It is just a calmative Ben. Of course sometimes when we don’t have an accurate idea of the patient’s weight we could give a little too much.”
“I said I’ll be quiet. I’ll do whatever you want.”
“And then the patient may or may not come out of the coma.”
“Mrs. Worthe. Are you hearing me? I’ll shut up.”
“Of course, when the patient does wake up if ever they usually have severe disabilities requiring constant care by their loving family. You don’t have family do you Ben?”
“Mrs. Worthe please put that syringe away. I’ll play ball.”
“You know I was a full-time nurse. Maybe I could take care of you, Ben.”
“Please, Mrs. Worthe. Listen to me.”
“What’s that? Ben?”


  1. Oh dear. It looks like poor Ben is on the brink of transforming from animal to vegetable…

    1. Slowly I might add.

  2. Leave it Ben, she’s not Worthe it.

  3. Holy Hannah! I’m worried about Ben. Have a wonderful Wednesday, John. Mega hugs!

    1. Be worried. Be really worried. Thanks Teagan.Hugs.

  4. He really isn’t that bright. Just play along until you get home and then hit her over the head with something at the first opportunity. He never watched action movies from the sound of things. At this point, I’m pretty sure a search of her home would reveal a lot of skeletons and her family wouldn’t know where they were to clean up.

    1. No wonder she is alone a lot. Thanks.

      1. You’re welcome. She’s really become a villain that people hate. Think you’ll get applause if/when she falls.

  5. Yikes! I hope Ben isn’t dismembered. That meme is hilarious, John!

  6. Where’s a falling piano when you need one, eh Ben? Sorry buddy. It looks like this might not end well for you. Then again, John might still have something up his sleeve.

    1. Getting close to closure.

  7. Now that’s suspense. I love it.

    1. Thank you Craig.

  8. OOooo. Mrs. Worthe. You are s-o-o bad. I feel sorry for Ben. He’s no match for you. :/

      1. Now, I wait on the edge of my chair to find out about her next move… or Ben’s. o_O 😀 😀

      2. Yes. Just don’t fall.

  9. I think I should go and help the poor chap.

    1. He would welcome a white knight.

      1. John you get in there right now!

  10. Everybody who’s ever had to do a group project can appreciate your cat photo, John!! As for poor Ben, he just keeps digging his grave deeper and deeper!

    1. It sure seems that way

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