Thursday – A little personal Interview with John Cannon and Lisa Burton #RRBC


Lisa Burton Radio

Today I am so pleased to have John J. Cannon interviewed on the radio by none other than  the fabulous robot assistant of Craig Boyack. As you have probably heard, Lisa Burton is doing  interviews with characters from Indie author books. John was so pleased to be asked to join Lisa as a guest that he took some time out from trying to subdue his nemesis, Matt Jacobs to do a phone interview with Lisa. Please go to Craig’s place and check out the interview. Here is the link

While you are there, check out some of Craig’s books. This man can write, and his stories are most enjoyable. You can find them all on the sidebar. Also, you might take a look at past Lisa Burton interviews under the Lisa Burton Radio tab.

Let me know how you liked it and let Craig and Lisa know as well. Thanks. Also, Happy St. Patrick’s day


  1. Thanks John. I appreciate the support back.

  2. Oh boy! John’ll be in trouble, that Lisa’s a handful! lol 🙂

  3. Bee Halton · ·

    Sorry, no time to head over I just started reading “His Revenge” 😉

    1. I understand. Thanks Bee.

  4. Very creative! Lisa knows her characters.

  5. Great shares as always, John.

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