Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “No”

Stream Of Consciousness Saturday


It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday once more. This week’s prompt is “No.” Linda Hill says we can use it as an abbreviation of the word number or just as it is. If you would like to see what all this is about, go to Linda’s blog and check it out.

No By John W. Howell © 2106

“What number do you have three?”

“No.Seventy two.”

“No kidding. What number are they serving?”

“They have been stuck on two for the last hour. No movement.”

“Aw man. Don’t they know we need to go fishing today or no dinner?”

“Gee you think? No, they don’t know.”

“Why on earth did you decide to get your license renewed on a Saturday? This is no day for a DMV trip.”

“Hey, I work all week. No other time but Saturday.”

“I guess you’re right. I meant no offense.”

“None taken. Sit down and relax. No need to get riled up. It shouldn’t take too long.”

“No? It looks like it may take several days. If they have done two in an hour, it will take thirty-six hours to get to you.”

“No, you’re right.This isn’t logical. I’ll go see. Hold on.”

“I’m back. Well, they have had some kind of computer glitch. It’s fixed now. She told me no worries we will be out in forty-five minutes.”

“Joy. Then it is an hour and a half to the lake.No way to make it before noon.”

“What do you care? What else do you have to do today? No other job but catching fish.”

“Okay, I have no other engagements. I’m just going to sit here with my mouth shut and enjoy the quiet.”

“No kidding. You can relax knowing we have to sit here another forty-five minutes?”

“Wait a minute. You had me all calmed down. Now for no reason you have me fired up again.”

“There is no way you can make it on your own. You know that right?”



  1. Dealing with ofishaldom is never easy!

    1. Ever, ever, ever. Thanks Keith.

  2. Just the thought of being in that unmoving line makes me shiver, John. I once went the day before a holiday weekend.

    1. OH. Dan. You just made my heart freeze. At least I know you made it out of there. 🙂

  3. Haha. Good one John. I imagined a scene rather like that for myself, last week when I saw that my drivers license has to be renewed this summer. Then yesterday I got an email from the DMV saying they were only doing it online now. Works for me!
    Have a superb Saturday. Mega hugs!

    1. Texas does all on line except for your ten year increment. They like to see if you are still alive. In my case they are smart. Happy Saturday Teagan. Hugs

  4. DMV on a Saturday…NOOOOOOO! I love to use the word no. Happy Weekend, John!

    1. No has a certain ring to it. Can I? NO. Thanks Jill.

  5. Ah, the dmv. The poster boy for beaurocratic red tape inefficiency.

    1. I can’t help using the DMV as the iconic waste of time symbol. Thanks.

      1. It’s reputation precedes it.

      2. So true. (Easy pickings)

  6. Hmm, pingbacks don’t seem to be working for me. I did link to this from my #SoCS post.

    1. Yes. Looks that way.

  7. I didn’t know you’ve moved into true stories. Hope their bait is on ice.

    1. Ha ha ha. Great comment.Thanks

  8. Nothing like that friend who reminds us we’re too busy not to be in a hurry. Everyone knows the best fishing happens before noon. No, maybe not everybody.

    1. Of course, hand grenades equal things out.

  9. No way I’d want to be either of these folks, John. The one who didn’t renew his license before the big fishing trip probably ought to wait in line alone; the other, it seems, should have found a more conscientious pal!

    1. Another couple of dopes. I have a hundred of them.

  10. I was left in no doubt John that they would get to the fishing spot to fish no matter the circumstances…..though I would find the wait so irritating, no frustrating….

    1. Yes. I think they probably hit the bar and forgot the fishing.

  11. You elevate Saturdays like no one else, John.
    Well done.

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