Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day


College photoWednesday Story Time again. Last week we were surprised to find out that Father Lightfoot was, in fact, a FBI agent. I think Ben is in a bit of hot water since he unloaded the fact that he had planned to blow up the Student Union. I’m not sure but to the agent, this might sound like terrorism. Let’s go back to the hospital and see what is happening next.

“Yes, sir. I’m with the FBI. Now tell me a little more about this plan of Mrs. Worthe’s.”
“Gee father… er …Mr. Lightfoot. Do you think I need a lawyer?”
“You can call me Raymond, Ben. Why would you think you need a lawyer?”
“Well, I just told you I was going to blow up the Student Union. That’s a crime, and you are a FBI agent.”
“All true Ben. If you want to get a lawyer you sure can do that and we can stop talking right now.”
“You sound like there is an ‘or’ in there somewhere.”
“You are pretty perceptive Ben. There is an ‘or.”’
“What is it?”
“Well, we have had our eye on the Worthes for some time. They have been doing some strange things with offshore savings accounts. These activities seem not consistent with law-abiding behavior.”
“What do you think they’re doing?”
“We are not one-hundred percent sure. In fact, we have several agencies involved.”
“Several organizations?”
“Yes. As you know, the Worthes are authorized by the ATF to supply demolition materials for construction companies.”
“Sorry. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. These are the guys responsible for policing the laws connected with these items. Explosives fall under the firearms section. The Treasury Department is interested in the money flow overseas.”
“Anyone else.”
“Yeah, Homeland Security is interested in the source of the money. The IRS is interested in taxes on the money. The CIA is wondering who is paying the money.”
“Is everyone standing in line?”
“No. The first line of the investigation rests with the FBI. We are authorized domestically and will be the liaison to the others. So here is the deal, Ben. You help us, and we will help you.”
“W-what do you want to know?”
“We want to know everything you know and then we want you to find out what is going on.”
“You expect me to spy on the Worthes?”
“Well, ‘spy’ is a harsh word. Let’s just say we would like you to report what is going on.”
“You know Mrs. Worthe doesn’t trust me. Right?”
“No, I did not know that. Hmmm, maybe we have the wrong person.’
“No, wait. I may have overstated the situation.”
“So what is it?”
“She wants to take my thumb to ensure that I don’t talk to anyone about what I know.”
“Oh, that. I’ll just tell her you didn’t say anything. She’ll believe me and then I think you will be good to go. No more talk now. We will be in touch.”
“How do you know she didn’t overhear this conversation?”
“The orderly outside works for me. I have texted him to get Mrs. Worthe now. I will have a private conversation with her. I’ll see you later.”


  1. I’m wondering if that’s how the demolitions stuff actually works. Never really thought about it, but it would make sense to have strict laws on explosives.

    1. Can’t you see certain types wandering around blowing up stuff.

      1. Yeah. More so today than in the past for some reason.

      2. Yes that is true. Unfortunately.

  2. So; is the hapless Mr Worthe aware of what his wife is up to with the business? And what of Alexis? Were it open to a vote, I would cast mine in favour of Ben taking the best deal he can get with the FBI, if only to avoid falling into the clutches og the FHS and CIA and, of course the Department of Education.

    1. Ha ha ha. Department of Education

      1. Isn’t that the one that becomes the Department of Corrections when the teacher wields a red pen? (Do teachers still mark work with pens? Do kids still submit written work?)

      2. Not sure. Worth an investigation

      3. I’m sure Amazon will sell them a universal remote control.

      4. I just answered the wrong question there, didn’t I?

  3. Hmm, this _seems_ to have taken a somewhat positive turn for poor Ben. Why don’t I trust you, John? Oh, it’s because I’m still wearing the neck brace from last week. Still, the thought of Mrs. Worthe getting something she deserves is too enticing. I want this to work. Then again, Ben? Undercover with those nut-jobs? Oh well, in for a penny…

    1. Thanks Dan. I’ll take the penny and we’ll see how the ride goes.

  4. Awesome. Ben isn’t too bright, so this should be fun.

    1. Yeah, poor Ben. Might be like fish in a barrel. Congrats on MOM.

      1. Thanks. You could have knocked me over with a feather. As soon as I get a page, I’m going to share it all over social media.

      2. I’ll be right with you.

  5. I just hope the dreaded TLA department don’t get involved, he’s got enough to worry about already.

    1. TLA? I know I’m walking into a Trump thing, but I have to know.

      1. Nope. Three Letter Acronyms. (We suffer terribly at work)

  6. Ooo! The villains. I knew it! Go Ben.

  7. Hum…I’m not sure about adding a lawyer to the mix…unless of course it’s Tommy Lee Jones.

  8. Looks like he doesn’t have much of a choice if he doesn’t want to go to jail. 😦 —- Suzanne

    1. Seems that way Suzanne. Thanks.:-)

  9. Suddenly, I’m thinking Alexis chose Ben because he’s basically clueless, and she’s contrived that he joins in on her family’s lawlessness. Here’s hoping he grows a spine in that hospital and frees himself of the entire clan…unless, of course, the FBI, etc. are part of the Worthes’ plot?! Gee, this could go in a gazillion different directions — well done, John!

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I wish I knew what was going to happen.

  10. John, I’m still worried about Ben getting out of this with all his fingers and toes. 😀 Under-cover Ben? Oh my goodness… Mega hugs

    1. Under cover Ben is a worry. Thanks, Teagan.

  11. Seems to me the whole Worthe family is rotten to the core. Tsk. Tsk. How will Ben fare? Safe with the FBI’s help or thumbless in spite of their help. What a spot to be in, Ben. Is there to be hope for him ever? 😀 😀 😀

    1. I think Ben is lost.

      1. Sounds a tragedy coming from his author person. 😀 😀 Can’t wait to see him squirm.

      2. I think he needs to squirm

      3. More? o_O Then squirm he shall. Ha ha ha.

  12. Curiouser and curiouser…

    1. Yes. Thanks Hooks

  13. Now it is really beginning to get interesting!

    1. Okat. I’m glad.

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