Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Press”

Stream Of Consciousness Saturday


Here it is Stream of Consciousness Saturday again and time for another run through the hoops courtesy of Linda Hill. This week’s prompt is “press.” Linda says we can begin a word with it, end a word with it or use it by itself. (Not “it” but “press”) If you would like a little of your mind eaten each week maybe you should join our happy band of scribblers and give this thing a try. Go to Linda’s blog and check it out. Here is the link

My interpretation.

Press by John W. Howell ©2016

“Make way, make way for the press.”

“The press? Who are you trying to kid?”

“I just got a new job with the newspaper.”

“Job? What kind of job.”

“I’m one of the pressmen.”

“Pressmen? What the heck are pressmen?’

“We press the print onto the paper.”

“You mean a printer.”

“No you oaf. In the newspaper business, we are called pressmen.”

“What if you are a woman like yourself?”

“Urm. I guess press woman.”

“Okay, so why are you going around saying, pressmen, when you should be saying press women?”

“Never gave it a thought.”

“You know firefighters have the name firefighters because many are women.”

“I know that. So you point is?”

“Maybe you should be called press workers.”

“Sounds less dignified. Our jobs are more than just work.”

“Okay. I can say with certainty press women doesn’t have much dignity either.”

“I was very happy with my new job until I ran into you. What is your position called?”

“Human resource manager.”

“Ah perfect. So give me a title that I can use.”

“How about pressessist?”

“Have you been drinking?”


  1. Could be worse – could be Press Gang member.

    1. So true. Wish I had thought of that.

  2. Excellent response John, always entertaining reading your thoughts…….at no point did I feel pressed to read….

    1. Ha ha ha.Thanks Michael.

  3. Press people? That sounds like very dangerous instructions actually. Eh, a machine will get the job in a year or two anyway.

    1. I think you are right. 🙂

  4. LOL, loved the “title.” I think this would have been a difficult one for me. All I can think of is ironing… on an already hot day… dePressing. Ha. Have a wonderful holiday weekend my friend.
    (BTW, no news on either interview. But the Dallas one, I heard the senior exec is quitting and the other boss took sick leave… I expect that job to get cancelled…) Mega hugs!

    1. Thanks, Teagan. That Dallas situation is soo0 typical. Humans are so unreliable.
      😀 . Have a lovely weekend. Hugs

  5. Great response John. Your work with these prompts is pure prestidigitation.

    1. Thanks, Dan. We aim to please here in the fiction department.

    2. Oh maaaan… you know I had to look that up. Okay. Here’s a prompt for you guys. Fard. Yes fard is a word, and not a naughty one… unless your wife stopped at high priced cosmetics counter… 😉

      1. I’m sure John can work with that one. I might have some trouble.

      2. While involved in my fard process, a gunman burst into my dressing room and demanded my money or my life. He pointed his revolver directly at my right eye. I told him my money was my life and he fired. The smell of cordite is still in my senses but lucky for me the bullet is resting where my right eye once reflected in the mirror. I then hit him with my fard brush in the face. He sneezed, and I let him have my full-on knuckle sandwich. He went down like a boxer on the take. The cops said I did real good, for a girl.

      3. Tee-hee!!!! That was fabulous John! 😀 More hugs!

  6. How delightful!! when I can read something that makes me laugh out loud! 😀

    1. I love it when folks laugh out loud. Thanks for telling me that. 🙂

  7. I always enjoy how you take on the prompts 🙂
    I would like to invite you to my blog party which is going on right now. It goes on through the weekend. It’s a great opportunity to mingle with other awesome bloggers like you. I hope to see you. The party link is titled Summery blog party live link. Regards, Jacqueline

    1. Thank you for the invite. I won’t be able to make it. Heading out right now. 🙂

  8. Agh, those politically correct terms sometimes make things worse, don’t they? Maybe ‘Press Operator’ would suffice??

    1. OOOO Good one. 🙂

  9. Color me impressed.

      1. How was the radio broadcast. I intended to stop in, but that’s when my visitors arrived.

      2. It worked well. Thanks.

  10. Which is better than oppressed.

  11. Ha ha. Call me depressed. It blinking hot today.
    Another innovative take on the challenge. Happy weekend. We’re pushing 90 degrees).

    1. Whoa. For you northerners that’s hot.

      1. It sure is and sudden too. Forecast promises a hot, hot summer. o_O

      2. Yup. You can feel our pain.

  12. This made me laugh. 🙂 great Socs

    1. Glad I made you laugh. Always a good thing. Thanks for letting me know.

  13. Haha! Cute. And inventive too!
    As for your link, did you paste it when you were looking at your editor in visual or text? Sometimes that makes a difference. It’s all I can think of. There’s nothing wrong with the link itself. I highlighted it and opened it with no problem.

    1. No, I set it and then there is a little arrow I have to hit and I think I forgot. Thanks, Linda.

  14. HR = Press Gang.

  15. Wonderful, John – I just love your dialogues!

    1. Thanks, John. Glad to have you stop by.

  16. This was one of your best yet John! One of them was definitely drinking 😛

    1. Thank you. Ha ha ha. 😀

  17. Who needs alcohol when we have you, John?

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