Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Concentration”

Stream Of Consciousness Saturday

It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again and this week’s prompt is “concentration.” If you would like to join in go to Linda Hill’s place and read all about it. Here is the link

Concentration by John W. Howell © 2016

“You hear that?”


“That noise.”

“No. I am busy trying to figure this thing out.”

“I don’t mean to break your concentration, but I think we have a problem.”

“No kidding. That’s why I can’t think about some random noise.”

“Yeah well, the noise sounds like something’s been torn off.”

“Let me do a little more of, as you say, concentration and maybe we can do something about it.”

“Well, I would hurry if I were you.”

“I hear you. How much time to we have?”

“The ground is coming up pretty quick.”

“Might need a prayer.”

“Already done. Been a pleasure Steve.”

“Same here Sam.”


  1. Yikes – I was worried that we weren’t going to hear from you today, John. This from a man who was trying to fly home, leaves me feeling a little uneasy. Great job, nice twist (I hope).

    1. I’ll admit the inspiration was the flight through thunderstorms but did get home.Thanks, Dan

  2. I hope this wasn’t written from experience, John. Happy travels…be safe.

    1. It was one of my experiences. Lost an engine and had parts of the propeller flying through the fuselage. The pilot kept his concentration and landed safely. No one hurt (a miracle)

      1. Yes, that was a miracle, John.

  3. It took me far too long to think of an airplane. Kept thinking of an earthquake or, for some reason, two carrots talking before they’re pulled up.

    1. I love the carrot idea. Guy Portman and you thought of the earthquake idea. 🙂

      1. Reading it, I’m not sure why a tearing noise made me think of an earthquake. Weird.

  4. *shivering* Not a good place for these two to be in, John. Hope your Saturday is going MUCH better than theirs!

    1. I think I sort of felt this way this week. I agree not good for them.

  5. I am grateful that I am not in their position John. I was also thinking earthquake.

    1. Good one guy. Hadn’t though of that. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  6. That’s some serious concentration. Great story.

  7. Let’s hear it for the power of prayer…

    1. Looks like that is all that’s available. Thanks Hook

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