Tuesday – Anything Possible – Walk in the Yard

Normally I would have a Kreative Kue prompt on this day but Keith Channing is off on holiday, so I’m on my own. I was in the yard on Sunday doing some shrub trimming and took a look around. The flowering plants have decided to give one last bloom. I thought you might enjoy checking them out.

Birds of Paradise

This photo is of the Birds of Paradise. These are near the stairway in the front yard. This particular plant does not have a lot of blooms due to the lack of sunshine at times during the day. This year they have been quite active, though.


On the other side of the stair in the front is a Hummingbird bush. As the name implies, it is a place where the Hummingbirds like to visit. Since it is a fall bloomer, it is just in time for the Hummingbird migration which is taking place now.


The photo above is of the Jatropha. This plant has been with us for a few years and has remained the same size. It is quite susceptible to insect damage so must be cared for in the spring before blooms appear.


Here is the Laurel in bloom

My favorite is the Hibiscus. It blooms most of the year with beautiful flowers. Severe cold will stop it from blooming. How severe? Low forties.


Our Bougainvillea has been under attack this year. There is a little green worm that plays havoc with the leaves and blooms. I have been spraying, but the critter seems to enjoy the shower.


This last photo is of our giant Bird of Paradise. These blooms are white and located near the bottom of the stem.

Giant Bird of Paradise



  1. Great yard, John.

    1. Thanks, Craig. Would live to grow different things but the salt and sand makes it impossible.

  2. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of the Hummingbird bush, John. Everything looks so beautiful and tropical. I love the Hibiscus too!

    1. It is also called a Fire Cracker plant (one of many varieties) Thanks, Jill.

  3. What a terrific Tuesday morning walk, John. Thanks for bringing us with you. The bird of paradise looks like funny birds sticking their heads out of the leaves. 😀 I didn’t realize the blossoms were located so low on the plant. I’m sorry about the Bougainvillea. The first time I saw one I was fascinated by the papery blossoms. Mega hugs

    1. I will overcome the green worm. I swear I will. (sounds like something out of Caddy Shack). Thrilling Tuesday to you. Hugs.

      1. LOL, better Caddy Shack than Dune! 😀

      2. Speaking of worm. Yes, you are right.

  4. Beautiful pictures, John. It’s great the hummingbirds have a plant they love. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Yes. We used to put out feeders, but they pretty much ignored them. Thanks, Suzanne. 🙂

  5. Thanks. The weather here is dismal, so these pictures were a welcomed view of sunlight and life. 🙂

    1. Looks like more stuff headed your way with the hurricane projection.

      1. Hopefully it fades away before it gets here. Never know with those storms.

  6. Wow John – that’s quite a jungle you’ve got there! 😉

    1. Could hide a pirate. (if you knew any) 😀

  7. We had 6 Hibiscus plants in large pots on our back deck – and they were beautiful! Great looking yard, John!

    1. Thanks, John. I’ll bet they were beautiful.

  8. I love the Hibiscus — one of my neighbors has one, and the blooms are the size of a salad plate! I also like the Hummingbird Bush. Another neighbor has one of those, and it’s beautiful, attracting butterflies, too. Lovely yard, John — where do you find time to write when you’ve got so much work to keep up with outdoors?!?

    1. Most everything is self maintenance. We have river rock and volcanic rock for ground cover. The Natal Plums and palms are the only plants that require constant pruning. I do take writing breaks to work in the yard. Helps clear the mind. Thanks, Debbie.

      1. I take walking breaks — to each his/her own, right??!

      2. Walking is excellent. I do that as well

  9. Gwen Plano · ·

    Beautiful! I’ve always wondered where our hummingbirds migrated. They arrive in April and disappear in late October. Always fun to watch. 😊

    1. Yes. we see them in the spring and fall. I think it is too hot for them here.

  10. Your Bird of Paradise; the orange and purple one looks wonderful! Do you get many Hummers passing through? I hope so!

    1. Yes we do. They are here in the spring and fall. They seem to prefer the north in the summer and way down south (Mexico) in the winter. Thanks. 🙂

  11. Wow!!! Love the Birds of Paradise!

    1. These are among the last until spring. Thanks, Jan.

  12. Your garden is lovely and neat. I especially like the Bird of Paradise. Can’t get enough of that one. So exotic. 🙂

      1. You are welcome. 🙂

  13. Stunning flowers.

    1. I love them myself.Thanks, Dale.

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