Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

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It is Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we left father Lightfoot facing a gun held by Mr. Worthe. Meanwhile Ben seems only concerned with the fact that he might not get the fifty thousand dollars. Alexis is still standing with a tray of ice tea. She implored her father to put the gun down. Trudy asked Alexis to leave the room. Whew! This story is becoming a real mess. We better get back and see if any of these fools will prevent the shooting of Father Lightfoot.
“Mr. Worthe. I am going to ask you one more time to put that gun down.”
“From where I’m standing Lightfoot you are not in a position to ask for anything.”
“As an agent of the FBI, I am demanding that you lay the gun on the floor. I can’t be responsible for your safety if you don’t follow my directions.”
“What a laugh Lightfoot. You gonna pray for the Lone Ranger or something?“
“Prayer is not needed Worthe. You need to give up.”
“Give up? Don’t make me laugh.”
“Alexis I thought your mother told you to go in the next room.”
“I did dear. Now go in the next room.”
“But daddy. There are a whole bunch of red dots on your back. There are a couple on mom too.”
“That’s right Worthe. There are six sharpshooters who have a bead on you and Trudy. Now put down that gun. Besides, it’s only a .22 caliber and could hardly hurt a fly.”
“How the hell do you know what this gun is?”
“Twenty years in the service. That’s how.”
“Okay, smart man. See if this feels like a .22.”
“Daddy you shot him.”
“Oh my God.”


  1. It seems like Mr. Worthe is either crazy or trying to commit suicide. I hope Lightfoot survives. I don’t think it’s wise to taunt a crazy man holding a gun. Oh well, too late now. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Yes it is too late. We will see. :-). Thanks, Suzanne.

  2. The featured photo is so accurate. Lol!

    1. I know right? 😀

  3. Yikes! I sure hope father/agent Lightfoot was wearing a bulletproof vest!
    But I can’t help thinking whatever Alexis has in that tray of beverages might be a bigger danger than the gun. 😀 What a cliffhanger. I think you’re having a wicked Wednesday, John. 😉 Mega hugs.

    1. Thank you, Teagan. Wild Wednesday wish to you. 🙂 (Wild is a good thing)

      1. It’s been wild already… I’ve been in training most of the week (and supposed to be for the rest)… But somebody in the command chain didn’t bother to pay for it. (Rolling my eyes.) So back to the office it is.

      2. That sounds like a catch 22 moment, LOL 🙂

  4. Just when I thought these characters couldn’t have worse judgement, one of them takes the idiot cake.

    1. Ha ha ha. I think they take after our Congress persons.

      1. Not sure they’re that bad.

  5. What the…? I’m hoping that my email server cut off the last few sentences, John. Are you seriously leaving us here? For a week? Ugh! How could this guy be that stupid? I am walking away from this with gunfire in the background. Maybe, just maybe, an FBI sharpshooter really can fix stupid.

    1. Sort of a “Who shot JR” moment. Sorry to do this to you but we needed a breather.

      1. I’m hoping it was Maggie Simpson 🙂

      2. Yes. Good choice.

  6. Yep…that’s what happens when you don’t pray. Love those memes, John…so true!

    1. Thanks, Jill. 🙂

  7. Great story segment, good sir! I loved the cliffhanger effect!

  8. Cliffhanger… tune in next week. You really ought to have a sponsor for these, like the old radio or movie segments. Don’t forget to buy Ivory Soap, and tune in next week for another segment of…

    1. Maybe I’ll select a book for the week. Good idea.

  9. Oh No!!! Apparently, Mr. Worth has a death wish, or else he too is secretly an agent trapping his crazy wife! 🙂 Great segment, John. I agree with Craig. You need a show sponsor! 🙂

    1. Okay. I’ll have to think on it. Thanks, Jan

  10. Well, I sure didn’t see that coming! You’re spinning an interesting tale here, John — hurry up, Wednesdays!!

    1. It will be here shortly. (maybe)

  11. I should have saved the priest hole gag for this week.

    1. Yes. Oh well, we just had a laugh remembering it.

  12. Oh, Mr. Worthe. How could you? Err… How did you? Your wife threaten or something? I knew she was rotten and had a little hope for you. This is a big mistake, you know. Trigger happy is never a good thing. Now what? o_O

    1. Now what indeed, Tess. Need some quiet time to work it out. 😀

      1. I don’t believe that for a nano-second. It’s already sorted. Ha ha.

      2. Ha ha ha.Thanks for your confidence, Tess.

  13. It finished on a real cliffhanger this week. I wonder if Mr. Worthe can somehow avoid being turned into a sieve. 😀

    1. Doesn’t look good for the man. I’m worried about Lightfoot. Thanks, Bun.

  14. I feel all is not what it seems simply because you are full of surprises! I am calling it “The Bold and the Baffled” soap opera.

    1. I like that name, Jo. Thanks. 🙂

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