Macabre Macaroni, just like Mom used to make

Here is an excellent short story with a twist. Craig is one of the best at these kinds of tales. He also has The Playground on sale for $0.99. Check it out.

Entertaining Stories


“Once more, from the top, please.”

“I thought it would be easier. Just take a knife, slice her in half and be done with it. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. The knife only goes in about six inches, then stops.”

“Where did you do it?”

“The garage. It’s easier to clean up the mess. I’m telling you, crap goes everywhere. I finally had to use some large pruning shears to get her into manageable chunks.”

“And where are these pieces now?”

“The landfill, I suppose. Look, I know that isn’t the right place, but my car’s broke down. I figured if I could bag up the pieces the garbage truck would take them. I had a hell of a time getting her into the garage too.”

“So you premeditated a plan to get her into the garage? Tell us about the plan.”

“I knew I couldn’t do…

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  1. Craig is one talented dude.
    Thanks for the intro, John.

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    1. His writing is outstanding.


  2. The dialogue is seamless and smartly written.

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  3. Priceless. All this hilarity can’t be good for us. o_O O_o


  4. Thanks for sharing the hilarious story, John. 😀 — Suzanne


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