Wednesday Story Time – AKA Hump Day



It is Wednesday Story Day again, and last week we left Father Lightfoot, Ben, Alexis, Trudy, and Ralph Worthe in a situation where Ralph had a gun aimed at Father Lightfoot. There were several laser dots on Ralph and Trudy Worthe from the outside. Just when we thought Father Lightfoot was going to talk Ralph into putting the gun down, Ralph pulls the trigger. I’m sure you are like me and put your fingers in your ears in order not to hear the subsequent reports from the SWAT team outside. We had better go back to see what happened. If you would rather stay behind, I will give you a full report.
I’m also pleased to open Wednesday Story Time to a sponsorship for each episode. There is no cost, but you have to be okay with being associated with the craziness of the feature. A sponsor can be a blog, book, or event. If you would like to participate send me an e-mail at johnhowell (dot) wave (at) gmail (dot) com. Now let us see what is going on.
“There is a shot in the house.”
“Hold your fire. All members hold your fire.”
“I still have a bead, sir.”
“Just hold your fire and stay with the subject. There is no authorization to take anyone down.”
“Who’s going to give the order?”
“Lightfoot is in charge. We wait for his signal.”
“What if he’s the one hit.”
“That little weapon couldn’t hurt a fly. Just hold on. We’ll give it five minutes. All copy?”
“Copy here.”
“Copy that.”
“Copy sir.”
“Yes, copy. Not happy but copy.”
“Fine. Just relax everyone. Do not let anyone out of the house. We do not want deadly fire. Repeat no fatal fire. Shoot to stop not kill. Any questions? Okay, I’ll take your silence as an affirmative.”
“Excuse me, sir.”
“What is it, Bates.”
“What if the guy comes out with a weapon.”
“Hit him in the knee.”
“Yes, sir.”
“You can do that can’t you Bates?”
“Yes, sir. Knee sir.”
“Now let’s cut the chatter and keep sharp.”
“Hey you in the yard. Hey, can you hear me?”
“We can hear you. Please identify yourself.”
“I’m Ralph Worthe. Who are you?”
“Agent Matthews. What do you want.?”
“I have a hostage, and I want you people to back off.”
“Who is your hostage?”
“The guy called Lightfoot.”
“Is he okay.”
“Yes. I did shoot him, but he has a vest. My twenty-two just bruised him. I now have him tied up. I can assure you I have nothing to lose and next time I will put one between his eyes.”
“We need to hear from Lightfoot. Do you have a cell phone?”
“Yes I do, but there will be no conversations that I can’t hear.”
“Don’t you think this yelling back and forth is a bit hard on the throat. Put the damn thing on speaker.”
“Uh. Well, I guess that will be okay. Here’s the number five, five, five, six, oh, seven nine. Got it?”
“I got it. I’m calling now.”
“Yeah Ralph this is Matthews.”
“I swear I will kill this man if my demands aren’t met.”
“Easy Ralph.”
“That’s Mr. Worthe to you.”


  1. Good thing Lightfoot had a vest on. Mr. Worthe will still be charged with an attempt to kill a federal officer. That’s not good. Well done on this episode, John. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. If Mr. Worthe survives you are right. Thanks, Suzanne. 🙂

  2. Oh, just shoot him.

    “I’m sorry, Matthews, you’re breaking up. Did you say ‘fire’ – I’m pretty sure I heard ‘fire’ – you’re breaking up, I’ll take the shot.”

    You’re writing this better than I would, John. I’d just shoot the whole Worthe clan and be done with it.

    1. Don’t think I haven’t been tempted. Of course people like Jan keep me honest. Thanks, dan.

  3. Is the committee from the Darwin Awards watching this unfold?

    1. I got a call yesterday from them. Funny you should ask.

  4. I hope that phone isn’t a Galaxy Note 7.

    1. LOL. Good one, Jill. 😀

  5. I’m guessing the FBI sniper is the one they sent to get donuts. 😛

    1. Ha ha ha. He went through the drive thru as well.

  6. Well, now the plot thickens. Dan Antion, if you shot the whole clan, that would be end of the story and I, for one, am not ready for it to end. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jan. Okay we’ll take it a little further.

  7. I can’t tell how many agents have circled the Worthe home, but I’m guessing lots. The clan is finally meeting its match … but there’s still that garage, isn’t there, John??

    1. Yes the garage is still there. There are six agents.(Which should be enough)

  8. Loving the story, John! Let’s keep it going… my HumpDay funny fix… #HumpDayFunnyFix!

    1. Thanks, John. Will do.:-)

  9. Glad Lightfoot wasn’t killed. I was getting a bit worried about him. I don’t Ralph (sorry, Mr. Worthe) getting away with it.

    1. Yeah, Ralph seems to be the wrong guy to do in a Fed. Thanks, Bun.:-)

  10. Haha! Oh it’s a wicked Wednesday for sure. John, so many people are ready to kill off one or all of these characters… You’ve mastered the art of getting your readers invested. I think you could auction off — letting readers be written in as characters so they could do whatever they wanted to the Worthes and company. But I know you’re a crafty one… You’d pen something to turn things upside down again. 😀 Mega hugs.

    1. Thank you so much, Teagan. I would love to have a couple of readers step onto the stage. That would be a real hoot. (“Watch out for that bear trap over there.”) Hugs to you on a Wishful Wednesday. 🙂

  11. How’s about we all get around the campfire and sing kumbaya? 🙂

    1. Do you have the smores?

      1. Can we have some dark chocolate and organic marshmallows please? 😀

      2. We can surely try! I have the dark chocolate and we’ll make our own mallows.

      3. Healthy marshmallows may be an oxymoron. 🙂

      4. Maybe if we add protein powder and tofu. 😉

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