Views of the Neighborhood

South Jetty

Our local paper The Port Aransas South Jetty summed up the amount of alcohol consumed on the island last year. To quote “Drinkers at bars and restaurants in Port Aransas downed $11.4 million worth of adult beverages during the past year. According to the Texas State Comptroller’s Office, that figure is up 1 percent from the $11.3 million during the same period the previous year.” If we didn’t have help from the tourists it would mean every man, woman and child would have consumed $2,850 worth of adult beverages, and that does not include takeout. (Of course, my analysis is flawed)

So here’s the deal. Our island has been described as a”Drinking village with a fishing problem.” It is no wonder then that the numbers are increasing. The population has a job to do to keep the reputation alive.

Today I want to give you a little flavor of the salty side of Port Aransas. There is no better way than to show you some of the boats moored in the marina.

Here are two boats used for fishing excursions in the Gulf

Port Aransas

This photo shows a couple of boats that are privately owned and docked outside the owner’s condo. The one on the right is clearly a fishing boat. The one on the left is a large catamaran. Pretty convenient I’d say.

Port Aransas

here is a boat that could be a condo unto itself, but it too is parked outside the owner’s condo.

Port Aransas

Now for a couple of shots of the boats that you see the most of here. There are some fishing boats and sailboats scattered together.

Port Aransas

This shot shows more fishing than sail.

Port Aransas

There are boats here that are just for fun.

Port Aransas

Yes, that is a pirate ship. Next to it is a boat used for Dolphin tours. The fun part comes when the dolphin tour boat gets attacked by the pirate ship. They tell me the kids get pretty excited.

I hope you enjoyed the brief tour of the marina.



  1. Gwen Plano · ·

    Wow, I’m surprised by how close the boats are to the condos or homes. The ocean must be calm in Aransas. Enjoyed the tour…especially the pirate ship. 🙂

    1. This is a marina protected by a granite jetty. The Gulf weather seldom disturbs this area. 🙂 Thanks, Gwen.

  2. Thank you for providing a closer look at Port Aransas’ marina, John. 🙂
    The percentage of consumed adult beverages will certainly go up – I expect more tourists to explore John J. Cannon’s neighbourhood.

    1. Karen makes a great point, John. I think you need a John J. Cannon cocktail. What will the ingredients be? 😀

      1. That’s a fab idea, Teagan! One of the ingredients will have to be Tanqueray, don’t you agree? 😀

      2. You hit the nail on the head, Karen. Thanks for remembering John’s quirk. 😀

      3. It wasn’t that hard to remember, John. Yesterday we went to buy some beverages and – I nearly choked when seeing a bottle of Tanqueray. Before reading your series, I never came across that one. 😀

      4. Now, if I can find some of that coffee of Jacobs’ I’ll let you know the name as well.

      5. I have to agree with Karen. The official John J. Cannon drink is Tanqueray Gin on the rocks with two olives. Ha haha. Hugs

      6. Excellent! The signature drink is established — The official John J. Cannon drink is Tanqueray Gin on the rocks with two olives. Please look the other way if I slip some vermouth and a couple more olives into mine. 😀

      7. Sure. I can also offer a number of olive selections. 😀

    2. I suspect you may be right. Thanks, Karen. 🙂

  3. What a great tour, John. “A drinking village with a fishing problem.” LOL! I love the pirate ship. Happy Sunday!

    1. Thanks, Jill. Happy Sunday to you as well. 😀

  4. Very cool that the pirate ship is still usable. Must be a lot of fun to be on an ‘attacked’ tour. Does anybody live on their boat? Seems to only be a movie thing.

    1. I would say there are about ten or so full time live-aboards. 🙂

      1. Must be fun unless you get seasick. Well . . . I’m out.

      2. Yes. Seasick is not the best thing. Run quickly. 😀

      3. Ginger pills help, but only for so long.

      4. Dry land cure. Unless you’ve had too much octopus. 😀

      5. Never had a taste for that. Prefer squid and only then with marinara sauce.

      6. I agree. Never did like octopus. Was like rubber.

  5. Something about the sea air that needs lots of rum… 😛 Having been born and raised in a major naval port (Plymouth, UK) I can attest that the night life is indeed ‘vibrant’ when the fleet’s in town – whether that full of fishermen, sailors or pleasure craft 😉

    1. Sea air and rum. Can’t beat it. Thanks, Jan. Arrrgggg. 😀

  6. Awesome tour, John. I had a great time looking at the lovely boats. The pirate ship is fabulous. (I hope my Delta Pearl doesn’t meet up with her! 😉 )
    As for the drinks… I think the residents might actually have some catching up to do. If the sales were up 1%… I’m sure the price of drinks (like everything else) went up more than 1% over the year. So there — the place is a paragon of sobriety. 😀
    Have a superb Sunday. Mega hugs.

    1. I like the thought process here. The last price increase triggered the Great Soothing’ Syrup Rebellion of 05. These islanders take their Adult beverage rights seriously. Happy Sunday, Teagan. 😀

  7. Thanks, John, for that tour. Walking around the marina in the evening is one of my favourite pastimes in Port A. I simply love (sailing-)boats.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

    1. I love boats as well, Pit. I remind myself that sailors say, the two happiest times of boat ownership is, the day the boat is bought, and the day it is sold. 😀

      1. Well, I think I disagree with the 2nd part: it was not the happiest day when I sold my boat.

  8. Cool ‘pirate’ ship. There’s something about a marina, isn’t there: Adventure awaits with a capital ‘A’.
    I choked on a ”Drinking village with a fishing problem.” Hilarious. 😀

    1. Thanks, Tess. This place is very adventurous. 🙂

  9. So, which one of those boats is yours, John? I’m afraid I’d have to have a lot to drink to get me on one of those boats. One of my fears is being on a boat. The thought terrifies me ever since I saw the movie Jaws.

    1. That big white one would be the one for you. Believe me at 80 feet you will not know you are on a boat. (The bar alone is 12 feet) I’m afraid none of them are mine.

      1. Well, the bar would be very tempting. 🍷My sea legs are not good, though. I was hoping you’d be the skipper.

  10. Ahem! There’s no picture of John J. Canon’s boat… walking away sadly…

    1. It was blown up. No way to get a picture now. (Besides it’s cold in the Atlantic) Thanks, John

  11. I liked the tour, John. Of course, I’m left wondering if there’s a North Jetty. You know, like the Left Twix or something evil and demented.

    1. There is one on North Padre Island but it is not called the North Jetty. Thanks. Good question, Dan. “Yes there is another hand up in the back.”:-D

  12. That pirate ship looks like one we’ve seen in Florida. I wonder if it’s the same one? WE have lots of those sleepy little drinking villages with fishing problems here, too. Do you know the name of the pirate ship?

  13. I love it. So if I ever visit I take it drinking is not just allowed but encouraged.

    1. Absolutely. You get a quota when you arrive.

      1. Welcome to Port Aransas, here’s your wristband and punchcard.

      2. Ha ha ha. And there is a fine if you don’t make your quota.

  14. Ah, brings back lots of fond memories living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, John. Thank you for reminding me of the sights, sounds, and smells of a beach community!

    1. I’m going to reply again so this comes out of Spam. Go figure WP.

  15. Ah, reminds me of living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Thank you, John, for helping me recall the sights, sounds, and smells of a beach community.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I travelled along the Gulf coast and know what you mean.

  16. Thanks for the tour! Life looks pretty good there.

    “Drinking village with a fishing problem”. BRILLIANT! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the visit. 😀

  17. I see similarities to our marina in Kemah, TX. We have a pirate ship, as well. One can sail and have a lovely dinner aboard and trip to sea. Fun for kids. This was great, John.

    1. Thanks, Audrey. The Kemah ship sounds fun. 🙂

  18. The marina is gorgeous, John!
    Thank you for the brain stimulation.

    1. Thank you for the visit, Hook. I always appreciate you.

      1. Likewise, John.

  19. I now understand why people there are such a fun-loving group and love to party. I love the pirate ship. Does Captain Jack ever visit? 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Arggg. There is a Captain but his name is Bruce. 😀

  20. Love the idea of that pirate ship with the dolphin tour.

    1. All is good provided the civilians on the dolphin tour aren’t packing. 🙂

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