Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

Hump Day


It is Wednesday Story Time again. Last week we left Mrs. Murphy and Lucas discussing Lucas’ personality. From the discussion, we got a distinct impression that Mrs. Murphy cared about Lucas and maybe cared a little too much. It is time for Lucas to get back to work and that is where we left off.
“Thank you again, Mrs. Murphy. Talk to you later.”
“Be careful on that ladder, Lucas. mind your feet and hang on.”
“Yes, ma’am. I will.”
“And don’t look down to much it’ll make you dizzy.”
“Miss Harriet. I’ve been on ladders since I was six. Don’t you worry.”
“Maybe I’m being silly, but I hate heights myself and just don’t know how you can handle it up there.”
“It’s fine ma’am. I’m like a chimpanzee.”
“Mind if I watch you go up?“
“No that is fine with me. See I put one foot at a time on the rungs and make sure I have a hand free to grip.”
“Doesn’t that paint can get in the way? Shouldn’t you use a rope to haul it up after you get there?”
“Aw, that takes a lot of time Mis Harriet. it’s just as easy this way.”
“What? I can’t hear you.”
“I think I’m up so high my voice is trailing off.”
“All I heard was off, Lucas.”
“Yes, Lucas when you yell like that I can.”
“As for me, I’m going in the house. I can’t stand to watch anymore.”
“W-wha? Lucas are you all right?
“Lucas speak to me. Are you okay?”
“Yes. I’ll be right back. I’m going in to call.”
“H-hurry Mrs. Murph—”
“Don’t Lucas. Stay with me, Lucas. Lucas. Lucas open your eyes. Help me, someone. Please help me.”


  1. Gwen Plano · ·

    Oh my goodness, this was unexpected! Johnny Depp had it right, “Change of plans.” Excellent dialogue, John. Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Yes, big change of plans. Thanks, Gwen

  2. Great episode, John. Strong, believable dialogue.
    Looks like Lucas found the quick way down.
    I dread to think how high Mrs Murphy’s house is, though, if he was so high up the ladder that she couldn’t hear him unless he shouted (unless, of course, she’s a little hard of hearing).
    One of the big questions now – apart, of course, from whether Lucas will make it, whether the emergency services can get to him in time and how Mrs Murphy will deal with his demise should the previous two whethers give a negative result – is this:
    Was the paint tin open; and what became of it or, more particularly, to its contents?

    1. Ha ha ha. The past can is still hooked to the ladder. Lucas had a wire thingy that he could hook the can once he reached the top. The brush made the decent with Lucas but had not been dipped as yet. As far as the rest of the questions we have to wait. I love your interest and just shows how far the imagination can go in a 100% dialog story. Thanks, Keith. 🙂

    2. Ha!!! That made me laugh out loud. Hugs.

  3. I find heights easier to deal with when you don’t have someone yelling at you about them. 😁

    1. So true, Charles. When I turned 70 I was banned from ladders higher than six feet. Can’t say I miss being terrified at 24 feet. 🙂

      1. Makes sense. No reason to go that high when there are plenty of youngsters who can heal quicker.

      2. And bounce higher. 😀

  4. Oh Dear, an accident? Like Kieth I can’t help wondering about the contents of the paint tin, did Lucas get down ahead of it and get covered or perhaps he landed in a puddle. Of course it possible he hadn’t opened the tin but that leaves our story without colour.
    Will the emergency services get there in time?

    1. Terrific questions, David. Let’s just say Lucas could care less about the paint. 😀

  5. I knew trouble was around the corner when I read, “It’s fine ma’am. I’m like a chimpanzee.”
    Nice job, John and great meme!

    1. Thank’s, Jill. 🙂

  6. Uh, oh. Now what? You’ve got us hanging on a cliff, John. 😦 — Suzanne

    1. Have to do it once in a while. Don’t want y’all falling asleep on me. Thanks, Suzanne. 🙂

  7. Well, you old cliffhanger master! Well done, Mr. John! Gee, did he tie off the ladder? So many questions!

    1. I think he just got distracted is all. Watch that first step. 😀

  8. Ooopsie….Poor Lucas is now incapacitated. What next?

    1. What next indeed.

  9. Uh-oh. That was entirely unexpected. Poor Lucas and poor traumatized Mrs. Murphy. She needs to get to the phone in a hurry. Run, run, Run!

    I can’t believe we have to wait a whole week for the next “episode.”

    1. Yeah. You have to wait. Sorry. 😀

  10. Every self-employed person knows you get to charge triple when the customer insists on watching while you work. No customer wants to hear, “Oops. Oh my gosh” from a worker. Sounds like a lawsuit in the making; if that is, poor Lucas makes it out alive at all!

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks Debbie. Maybe Mrs. Murphy can work out a payment program.

      1. Providing you don’t kill off the poor guy!

      2. He can’t die. We need to know what happened to his sister and parents.

  11. I halfway expected the bucket to take out Miss Harriett.

    1. Ha ha ha. Wish I had thought of that. The visual of the two of them knocked out on the lawn is laugh out loud funny. Thanks, Teri

      1. Could have been an interesting scenario for the sheriff to come upon.

  12. Oh no, poor Lucas. That is what happens when you are distracted from your work. I hope this isn’t a tragedy, John.

    1. We shall see Robbie. Thanks 😀

  13. Am I the only one who didn’t even think about the paint bucket? LOL. Maybe it’s because I’m getting lunch so late… John, I’ve said you’re a crafty one, but this one deserves knighthood. With this keyboard I dub thee Sir John of Cliffhangerdom. Have a wicked Wednesday! Mega hugs.

    1. Yeah, Me either. I had to make up a part to accommodate it. Thanks for the knighthood but you can call me John. Wild Wednesday, Teagan

  14. Oh no!! This is most unexpected. Yes, I know something terrible happened to Lucss. I’m not lacking compassion, but he’s a fictional character. I’m real and he just ruined every possible scenario I had concocted as to where this was heading.

    Call 911 Harriet – hurry.

    1. I couldn’t let you try and figure it out too easily.

      1. Damn, John. You took my feet out from under me.

      2. Here’s a hint. Lucas survives.

      3. Ha ha – and I thought next week’s post was going to be “The End”

      4. Naw. Not even close.

  15. Sorry I’m late today. People were watching me work. Another great section.

    1. Never late. Thanks, Craig.

  16. Oh no!!! She should know better than to talk to him.
    Loved the meme!

    1. Disruption for sure. Thanks, Audrey.

  17. OH NOOOO! This doesn’t sound like he just fell from the ladder. Was he shot in the back? This is a cliffhanger!

    Can’t wait for the next installment!

    1. You should write this serial, Deborah, A shot in the back would have been classic.

      1. Oh good he wasn’t shot in the back then. Phew! 🙂

      2. Nope. Just clumsy. 🙂

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