Views of the Neighborhood – Evacuees in Austin

This post normally has views of Port Aransas, but in case you don’t know we have evacuated from there to Austin. We still do not have information on the condition of our home, but we are all safe. I had intended to take photos of the state capital and other sights, but the rain has been quite heavy making it difficult to get around. I hope you like the tour of our current neighborhood.

Views of the neighborhood

This is the apartment building of our youngest. (Yes, we Bogarted our way in.)

I thought this was an interesting window. It is in the AT&T store window, advertising that they support the University of Texas.

Austin is a pet-friendly city. Most stores have water bowls for thirsty dogs.. You can see how the wind is shaking the glass behind.

Of course, Bailey only drinks Perrier.

Where we live on the island the West Elm store is 180 miles away. This West Elm was 180 steps.

As I mentioned pet-friendly. Bailey said she was busy on Saturday

This will give you an idea of the buildings downtown. The Whole Foods store is to the left and not pictured.

I couldn’t help thinking of Dan Antion. City equals graffiti.

Here is a real work of art. Um well, it is a work anyway. This is an old building on some pretty expensive real estate. Lucy and Bailey love to go under that tree in the rain.

Here is the Austin train station. (Doesn’t look like much does it?)

Austin train

Yes, Dan. That is the Amtrak locomotive with sleeper and baggage car.

We hope to be able to go back to Port Aransas soon.


  1. Thanks for the look at Austin, John. I hope your home on the island stood up to the battering!

    1. We hope so too. Looks like permission to return won’t be granted until Friday.

  2. Good pictures of Auston, John. Years ago in the early 60’s, my dad drove Mom and me to Texas from Ohio. We saw Dallas, San Antonio and lots of ranch land in between. We couldn’t see the ranch houses as they were way back from the highway. When I was little my grandmother had spent a couple of winters at a boarding house in San Antonio and loved it. All the best. πŸ™‚ — Suzanne

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. I am always amazed at how far the ranches are from the road as well. San Antonio is a lovely place. πŸ™‚

  3. Hope your home is intact and unaffected, John – Main thing is that you and yours are safe πŸ˜€

    1. So true, Chris. Thank you for the good wishes. πŸ˜€

  4. Good to know John… devastating for so many.. hugs xx

  5. I just saw pictures of Port Aransas! Glad the gang is safe.

  6. Thanks for thinking of me John. We’ve been thinking of you guys a lot as we follow the news. Since the train station in our town looks like a cattle siding, I’d be happy to see one like that. Good to know Austin is on the route.

    I hope your home was spared significant damage. Give the girls as scritch (and get Baily some decent water).

    1. We don’t have any word yet and are hearing we won’t be allowed back until Friday. So we just have to wait.

      1. I’m sorry. It must be hard to wait. Good luck.

  7. I’ve never been to Austin, so I enjoyed the tour. I’m relieved you had a safe place to go. We’ve been praying that your home is okay. Enjoy your Sunday, John!

    1. Thank you, Jill. We still don’t have information and are now getting word that residents may be allowed back on Friday.

      1. I appreciate the update, John. We’ve been tuned into the Weather Channel and watching those training bands of rain. It’s sad to see the people who didn’t heed the warning to evacuate.

      2. Yes. I feel especially bad for their children and pets.

  8. Olivia Stocum · ·

    Is Bailey an introvert? I wouldn’t drink out of that shared bowl either! Or go to the party. I’m glad you guys are holding up safely. Best wishes to you!

    1. We should have named her Olivia. :-D. We have no word on our home. May be a week or more before we can return.

      1. Olivia Stocum · ·

        Wow. That must be really frustrating, the not knowing. Hang in there. 😘

      2. Thanks. No other choice right now.

      3. Olivia Stocum · ·

        Yeah, I know. 😜🀞🏼

  9. My goodness! Hope your home is okay when you return.

    1. We have no information so I agree. Thank you, Jennie.

      1. Best to you, John.

  10. Good luck, dear John! I wish your home all the best. Austin is not as interesting as Port Aransas, too urban. Besides the sky is grey and it makes the city looks dull.

    1. Yes. A lot of rain here. Thank you Maria.

  11. Gwen Plano · ·

    Thank you for the local tour, John. I’m ever so glad that you and your loved ones are safe, and I suspect your daughter is elated to host you all. And Perrier? Well, Bailey deserves the best during these stressful days. πŸ™‚

    1. Ha ha ha. Bailey thinks she deserves the best no matter what.

  12. Glad you had somewhere safe to wait out Harvey. You’ve been on my mind. Indiana weather isn’t so bad when I see what destruction awaits you.

    1. Thanks, Pamela. I lived through midwest tornados, but this takes the cake. We still don’t have any information about our house and no clearance to go there.

  13. Greetings and good morning from Sioux Falls/SD, John,
    I hope your home in Port A will survive Harvey without damage. Am glad you’re safe in Austin.
    Take care,

    1. Thanks, Pit. We still don’t know about the house. Hope your trip goes well.

      1. We’re doing fine here. Tomorrow we’ll be heading back, in two stages. Will keep my fingers crossed for your haiuse.

  14. ooops, it was to be “house”

    1. I got it. πŸ˜€

  15. Very cool that they have the water bowls out. Makes sense considering how hot it can get down there. Hope you guys get to go home soon. Saw you mention Friday, so I hope you get some news before then.

  16. John, I’m just glad to see that ya’ll are all safe. Although I imagine it’s quite unsettling for Stella (I’ve never had a cat that liked being moved).
    The waiting… I’d be a basket case. It’s been on my mind so frequently…
    Yet you still took care of the Sunday morning stroll. That’s quite a testament to you. I really enjoyed getting this objective look at Austin. (I’ve considered moving there, but it’s so expensive for the high risk plan I had in mind. Would rather have a small town, but small towns and jobs seem mutually exclusive.) Anyway, thoughts still with you and yours. Hugs on the wing.

  17. Thanks for the great tour, John. I’ve never been to Texas at all, so I’m enjoying the tours. Praying that you guys have an undamaged home to return to at the end of the week. Saw an interview with a woman from Corpus Christi who is going home today – apparently, her home was undamaged. I guess the brunt of the hurricane hit Mustang Island on its way to Corpus Christi. Glad you guys are safe! I agree that Bailey and Lucy deserve Perrier. Oops… Stella as well! Sorry, Stella!

  18. That’s a long time to wait! Glad everyone is safe.

  19. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey, John. I love that you’re still documenting and blogging in the midst of it all. Thoughts and prayers for your family and your home.

  20. Thanks for the views of your temporary home away from home. Hope you get to return to Port A soon and find everything intact.

  21. Sending positive thoughts your way and hoping for your safe return to Port A as soon as possible. You bogarted your way in there … makes me smile. Despite all that has happened your attitude is amazing. The touring was very interesting. My YELP review would be 5 of 5.
    And that Bailey, how does one get on her calendar?

  22. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    Thanks for showing us around Austin. I have never been to Texas except during a layover flying. Hope you are able to get back home soon – and glad you are safe.

  23. Sounds you you have the best kind of attitude. I don’t think I would be as chipper. I checked the news, and it all looks pretty devastating. Wishing all the best results for your family.

  24. Great photos, John. I am glad that you are all safe. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for your return home.

  25. Reminds me of when we evacuated our house and went to our son’s apartment due to the wild fires out here. It is good you have your son not too far from you. Hope you get good news about your house and get to go home soon.

    1. Daughter but thank you Deborah.

  26. Despite years of living in Texas, I never made it to Austin, so thanks for the tour. Looks like the heavy rains are following you inland. Glad you, the producer, and the fur-kids all survived Harvey — prayers that your home on the coast managed as well. Something tells me Dallas wouldn’t cotton to a communal watering hole either!

    1. I think Dallas has good taste. Thank you, Debbie.

  27. Just read the horrifying stories pouring out of Houston. I am glad to see that you are safe in the lovely city of Austin and I hope that your home has been spared. Seems like Houston people are experiencing real hardship. Hope you don’t know anyone in danger there. American thoughts are in Texas now.

    1. Thank you for your concern. We don’t know about our house yet and are still not authorized to return. We are concerned about Houston as well.

      1. I really hope everyone will be safe. The houses may not all be, though. I have friends on the northern coast of Florida who’ve been through hurricane Matthew and are not yet back into their houses. Be safe and be sure we are all keeping Texas in our thoughts.

      2. Thank you again, Evelyne.

  28. Bpgarting your way in, Bailey, Perrier, and 180 steps made me laugh. Your sense of humor despite all that you are going through, John, is testament of your character. I pray that your home will be as you left it, and I am thankful that you and yours are safe. {{hugs}}

    1. Thanks, Mae. We still don’t have any information on when we can go back to the island. We will be glad to hear. πŸ™‚

  29. Thanks so much for giving this an update. I hope when you get back all is well, John. I wish I hadn’t had to see that Longhorn monstrosity, though (being a Sooner fan).

    1. Thanks, Luanne. Being a Baylor fan I know what you mean.

      1. Yes, you do!

  30. Thanks for the tour of Austin, John. My heart goes out to you and all others who have been displaced due to Horrible Harvey. I pray that your home will be intact when you are finally able to return. I’m just happy you and yours are safe.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. πŸ™‚

  31. I lovely peak at Austin, John. I am sorry about the circumstances though. Gosh you certainly get some ferocious weather in your part of the world.

  32. Great to see some pictures of the city of Austin, John. I hope you’ll able to go back to Port Aransas soon. I’ve been watching the news reports about the flooding that has now hit Houston and other parts of Texas. How far is Port Aransas away from where the hurricane came ashore?
    Pleased to hear that you and the whole family are safe. Take good care of yourselves.

    1. We are on a barrier island and part of where it came ashore. Thanks, Hugh

  33. I have a good friend who’s just moved to Austin. Crowded city right now! Thanks for the photos of a place I hope to visit soon. Glad you’re safe. Crossing fingers for your home.

    1. Thank you, Pamela.

  34. Just popping in to say 😘 ❀️

    1. A MWAH to you and thank you, Marie.

  35. Hope you hear positive news soon, John. So very sad to see the devastation.

    1. Our home is damaged but repairable. Thanks, Natalie.

  36. Love Austin! A blue dot in a red state. Hope your damage is not too bad. Trying to read posts but have been busy here with clean-up. Power back on and we do not have to boil water but we had plenty of bottled water. Have my 82 year old sister from Victoria here as her home has no power. Going to Freer tomorrow to check on other older sister which is another story but she and husband are ok. Your home must be strong.

    1. Yes it was built with hurricane in mind. Hope all is well , Jo. Thanks for checking in.

  37. Praying your home is OK but what matters most is that y’all are safe πŸ’™

    1. Thank you, Lennon. We are safe.

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