Views of the Neighborhood – Beach Clean Up

Beach Clean up

Each year the Texas General Land Office conducts two beach clean-up along the Gulf Coast. Since 1986 over 477,000 volunteers have collected over 17,000,000 pounds of trash. Yesterday was beach clean-up in Port Aransas. The event participants are all volunteers. Each is assigned an area and then the work is done between 9:00 and 12:00.  The day was overcast in the morning which was a blessing to the workers.

Groups participate. Pictured are the Masons.

No event would be complete without a rousing send-off from the boss. The mayor is scheduled to do the duty.

At the sign-up tent, one gets a location to clean, a trash bag and water.

The objective of the clean-up.

No, the front loader is not there to help. In fact, whoever planned its appearance did not have a clue about the clean-up day. It piled sand on the entrance to the event. (now in the process of removing)

A Texas food chain sponsor

Another sponsor. Republic Services is a waste handling and recycling company.

Port A’s most popular Mexican food restaurant.

Our local food store

Here are the guidelines for safety.

Here is a group from Incarnate Word University in San Antonio. They must have had to get up at 4:00 AM to get here.

Producer and Twiggy.

A moment between Twiggy and her fans.


  1. A great thing to do, but such a pity it’s necessary.

    1. I agree. As I’ve always said, humans (For the most part) suck.

    2. I totally agree! And I keep wondering if we humans will ever learn before we have totally destroyed this our world. Reflecting on the words I just used, maybe thinking of this world as “our” world is exactly the problem.
      A wonderful Sunday to y’alls,

      1. I don’t like the way we keep referring to the pollution in ‘our’ oceans, the damage to ‘our’ wildlife, and so on. I tend to agree that this proprietorial attitude is one of the factors at the root of the problem.

      2. I agree.

      3. Would be nice if someone would say the Earth’s Oceans and wildlife.

      4. Excellent thought Pit.

  2. Gwen Plano · ·

    It’s heartwarming to see community involvement in cleaning the beach. And it is soooo sweet to see Twiggy and her fans. How do Stella and Lucy respond to the attention she attracts? 🙂

    1. Lucy and Bailey just move in whenever the attention is being passed around. They are big enough to demand their fair share.

  3. They should do stuff like this at every beach. The ones around here always feel a little dirty and the feeling gets worse by midsummer. Did Twiggy have fun?

    1. Twiggy fell asleep on the way home but loved getting compliments. Thanks, Charles.

  4. It looks like Twiggy was a hit! It’s nice to see so many people turn out to support their community, especially since the weather didn’t look to be the best.

    1. Actually the weather worked in the favor of clean up. Nice and cool. Thanks, Jill

  5. It’s unfortunate that these events are necessary, but it’s wonderful that so many people turn out to help. I can’t remember how much trash was collected last year during the Trash Bash events on Galveston Bay, but it was substantial. It’s especially good to see the young ones involved. I’ve always assumed, rightly or wrongly, that anyone who takes part in an event like this will be less likely to be part of the problem.

    As for Twiggy — well. She’s treasure, not trash!

    1. I think you are right about participation. Those that clean it don’t trash it. I’m sure you have been amazed at how people leave the beach. Can’t tell where they were raised. Thanks, Linda.

  6. Twiggy seems to be unimpressed with the cleanup effort but is working the audience very well.

    These are great events, John. It’s sad that we need them but it’d great that people step up. Around here, various groups will clean streams and parts of the CT River, trying to keep something from making the long journey to your beach.

    Great photos. Don’t be too hard on the payloader guy. The temptation to play in the sand is strong.

    1. Ha ha ha. You are right about the payloader. Thanks, Dan

  7. Woofer one and all. How splendid to see everyone cooperating. A pity that could not spread state to state and nation to nation. We just might have a squeaky clean world then. Good on all of you.

    1. I agree. Thanks, Geri. Hugs

      1. I think I;ll volunteer next year on your beach

  8. A great thing to do. And Twiggy was there to spread smiles and cheer to the volunteers!

    1. I think she may run for congress. 😀

      1. She has my vote!

  9. What a great idea and one that should be adopted across the world wherever there is a community.

  10. 17 million pounds of trash is just . . wow!

    And that Twiggy has fans everywhere!

    1. Magnet for sure. She has almost 500 followers on Instagram

      1. Holy smokes! Well, she is a celebrity worth following . . .

  11. Great community spirit evident here – but I was blown away by the group from San Antonio! The sign sporting the IGA logo caught my attention. IGA started selling franchises in Canada in 1951 – and my grandfather bought the first one in Canada – in Toronto. He was partner with my father and my uncle. In 1955, my dad moved our family to Dundas where he bought an IGA franchise for a local food store business he had bought. So I and my sibs worked in Dad’s Dundas IGA throughout our teen years and through university. So that sign on the beach in Port A sure brings back memories. Good post, John!

    1. What a super story, John. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Port Aransas has such a wonderful can-do spirit… and then there is Twiggy. What could be more inspiring?

    1. I think that is pretty good package. Okay maybe a six pack of Hopadillo Ale by Karbach Brewery.

      1. Hmmm… must investigate Hopadillo Ale… It’s finally into the 60s today. I might need something cold to drink before long. 😉

      2. It is pretty strong with the taste of hops. Love Street might be more your style.

  13. A perfect “stroll” for Earth Day, John. Thanks for bringing us along. …And Yay! I got my Twiggy fix. She’s growing so fast. Hugs on the wing!

    1. She is now over four pounds. When we got her she was under two. Can you say puddin’?

  14. Aw, ’tis easy to see that little Twiggy is stealing the show! That’s always the case when you bring tykes to adult events, isn’t it? Y’all had a great day for the cleanup. What is it they say, Many hands make small work? Bet your beaches look lovely now!

    1. They do. Thanks, Debbie.

  15. What a wonderful community effort! And, I’m not at all surprised that Twiggy already is gathering fans. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jan. She is.

  16. The ‘Twig’ is getting some very nice attention! It’s good you’re keeping Port Aranas beautiful! ♥

    1. Thanks, Billy Ray. 🙂

  17. Cheers to volunteer efforts like this one! … and I’ve got the feeling Twiggy was a popular hit!

    1. She was at that.

  18. It is good to know that some states are taking care of the environment.

    1. Twice a year doesn’t make up for the behavior of the masses. It is a start though.

      1. Very true John. But believe me it is more than other places are doing.

      2. Good point, Andrew. 🙂

  19. It’s wonderful the community comes together and does this. I knew it wouldn’t take long for Twiggy to gain a following.

    1. Ha haha. She has almost 500 on Instagram. 😀

  20. Twiggy is adorable and I’m sure was a huge hit. I think this is a terrific idea but wish the clean-up wasn’t necessary. I understand the huge mile wide vortex of trash in the Pacific is growing by leaps and bounds. When are we going to learn?

  21. Looks like a great event. Shame people don’t clean up after themselves, but they never will. It’s always someone else’s problem.

    1. Yeah, I don’t get that. But it is so true.

  22. Looks like you had a good turnout, and the beach looked pretty clean so hopefully it was perfectly clean by noon.

    Twiggy is so adorable no one is surprised she has a fan club already! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Deborah.

    1. So true. Almost 500 followers on Instagram. @tiniesttwiggy

  23. I’m always amazed that even if a beach looks clean, it’s still shocking what rubbish the human race leave behind or discard without any thought, John. It’s shocking, too, by how much plastic is being washed up. I came across a washing-up bottle from the 1970s washed up on a beach the other day. It was still al intact, with only the writing a little faded.

    1. The most worrisome part for me is all the little bits of plastic after a storm. Fish can avoid the bottles but how many little bits does it take to kill one. There may be hope. Read this.

      1. Thanks. John. yes, they’ve already found lots of evidence that plastic has entered the food chain. I don’t know if you saw this article in your part of the world, but here’s some more hope.

      2. Yes I have seen articles like this one.

  24. Good pictures, John. As usual, one group of adults cleaning up after another group. I’ts great people are willing to do it. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. It is great.

  25. Great photos, John. It’s a shame people can’t clean up after themselves. My biggest gripe though is with smokers who don’t consider that throwing their butts on the ground is littering. A wonderful event for Port Aransas to keep your beaches clean.

    1. Cigarette butts are the worst. I agree. I also hate those fishermen who filet their catch and leave the bones and head. No sane bird in the world is going to touch that. Thanks, Michelle.

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