Wednesday Story Day – AKA – Hump Day

“Is it Friday yet?”
“Only Wednesday Little one.”


It is Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we were in Micki’s shop when Gloria gave us the news that Louis was not Sandusky’s murderer. She did advise Larry to look for a money angle. Also, Andrew missed the whole thing since he was under some kind of spell. Micki did offer to serve Andrew some tea if he would like to stay. (I think the tea was a metaphor) Well, Andrew turned her down, and he and Larry went back to police headquarters. Let’s join them there.


“So, Larry. What the heck went on back there?”

“Between you and Micki? I have no earthly idea.”

“No, you dolt. What happened during the séance?”

“Gloria made a brief appearance and declared Louis to be innocent.”

“Damn. You don’t say. This puts us back to square one.”

“Wait a minute. Do you believe in what Gloria says?”

“I have no other choice. You and I aren’t doing too well on collecting evidence.”

“That’s true but why all of a sudden are you accepting Gloria’s word with no reservations.”

“The mere fact I have no recall of the séance is enough to convince me. I wasn’t asleep, and I wasn’t awake. That was the work of spirits.”

“Well, whatever it takes. I’m glad you have come around fully.”

“It was my idea to consult Gloria this time around.”

“I thought you were just humoring me.”

“I plead guilty. Now I’m a convert. So what else did she say”?

“In so many words, chercher de l’argent.”

“Search for the money?”

“Yeah. That was it. Then she left.”

“So, you and I have to figure out what money she is talking about.”

“Which brings to mind that banker guy. What was his name.”

“Dixon, I think. Wait, I wrote his name down. Here it is, Ned Dixon.”

“Since he is a banker and banks have money, I think we should start with Ned.”

“That does make some sense, I guess. What will we ask him?”

“I think we start off with him explaining everything he knows about Sandusky and the business. Then as we get into it, we wait for him to make some mistake or another.”

“Mistake? What kind of mistake?”

“Oh, I don’t know. An inconsistency perhaps. Some facts that change. We’ll have him explain things several times to see how his story holds up.”

“What reason are you going to give for the questions.”

“I think I’ll just say we are investigating Sandusky’s death and that any information Dixon knows that might help would be appreciated.”

“You know if he has something to do with the killing, he’s going to bolt.”

“Yeah, but that will tell us something. I’m going to call him and get an appointment.”

“So, you’re doing an in-person interview?”

“Yup. The best way to be able to tell if the guy is hiding something.”


  1. Follow the money is a common theme, and frequently for good reason. Besides which, even if not involved with this case, bankers often have a lot to answer for.

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    1. Good point on bankers, Keith. I say guilty until proven innocent.

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  2. Gwen Plano · · Reply

    My goodness, just when I think I might know who or what killed Sandusky, there’s another twist. Thankfully, the pups keep us on the straight and narrow, it’s midweek and Friday is just a couple of days away. 😀 (great photo, John)

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    1. Give me a hint. Who killed Sandusky. Thank you, Gwen

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  3. So many twists and turns. I do like that Andrew was easy to convince. Good to have an open mind.

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    1. Yes it is. He seems pretty flexible.


  4. So the plot Good episode, John. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    1. I like sickens. Thanks, Suzanne.

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  5. I’m feeling like a pretzel. I’ve always liked the word “dolt.” 🙂 That photo cracks me up, John!

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    1. Thanks, Jill. I have been waiting five years to work “dolt” into something.


  6. The more photos like the one at the top I see, the more I want to be a dog.

    16165 ?? I’m getting curious about these numeric titles, John. Normally, I wouldn’t think about it, but you being you, I’m scratching my head. Did I miss something?

    Following the money might be a good idea, but I don’t like dealing with bankers. I hope these guys are careful. Micki didn’t mention any danger, but I don’t have a good feeling. Same time next week? Good.


    1. Looks like I forgot the title. Sorry about that. All fixed. I’ll be here next week God willin and the creek don’t rise. Thanks, Dan.

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      1. Ha! I was off looking for what town has that as a zip-code, thinking you were being tricky with us. Sorry if that suggests that I don’t trust you, John, but…

        They don’t list a town with 16165, but zip codes beginning with 161 are in my old neighborhood in western PA.

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      2. Ha ha ha. As my German warloards used to say “Trust is fine, control is better.” Thanks, Dan

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  7. I guess if you need to follow a money trail, a bank is a perfect place to start.

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    1. Seems like they have a few bucks there. Thanks, Frank.

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  8. The first rule of investigation: follow the money.

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    1. Or the femme fatale.


  9. And the hunt continues! The banker guy sounds like a good place to start!

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    1. I think so too. (geez I hope so, right?)

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  10. I know it’s not in the body of the story, but the line, “I think the tea was a metaphor,” cracked me up.

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    1. Ha haha. It was meant to be funny and I’m glad you caught it. Thanks, Greg.

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  11. I can see I’ve missed a few installments, John, thanks to my blog-vacation. Guess I’d better go back and read the segments I’ve missed, or you’ll wrap this one up and I’ll have no clue how!

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    1. Don’t worry. You’ll not be left behind.

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  12. I agree! Face-to-face is always the best. Another great episode. I’m starting to feel like they’re getting somewhere.

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    1. I think we are, Jan. Thank you.

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  13. Boss,

    It’s always about the money . . .

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  14. D.L Finn, Author · · Reply

    Makes sense to start with the banker when following the money:) Glad the both believe Gloria! Not sure why WordPress unfollowed you for me but I had to refollow and then make sure I get email notifications as well. This has been happening a lot, but luckily I noticed since I look forward to Wednesday:)

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    1. I don’t know why they do that either. Thanks for refollowing. 😀

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      1. D.L Finn, Author · ·


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  15. Ah to be lounging on warm grass in the sunshine… Their picture must be next to the definition of “lucky dog.”

    Hmmm… from seances to banks. I can’t imagine where you’re going now John. But I’m definitely getting a ticket! Mega hugs.

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    1. Yes. Buy a coach seat and I’ll sneak you into first class.

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  16. And the plot thickens. I think following the money is a good plan.

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    1. I do too. (Let’s hope I do)

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