Smorgasbord Christmas Celebrations – The First Day of Christmas with guests Mary Smith, Jacquie Biggar and John W. Howell

Sally Cronin is having a twelve-day bash with stories, presents, songs, drinks, and food. I am honored to be on the first day along with four amazing writers. Visit Sally for the fun of it.

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Welcome to the first of the Twelve Days of Christmas party where guests will share their best ever Christmas presents ever…and there will be food, drink and of course music and to get you into the spirit of the season.. here are some choristers with particular appeal..

I tried to remember the first Christmas that I was aware of as a child. I must have got the general idea of the concept of presents quite young as at age seven when we moved to Malta I began the practice of putting a pillowcase on the end of my bed from around mid-October…. I think this ticked my mother off somewhat because she sat me down at the beginning of December and told me that Father Christmas did not exist and that from now on I would have my presents around the tree like my two sisters who were in their…

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  1. This sounds like such fun, John. I’m heading over to Sally’s right now.😊

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  2. Thank you for boosting John.. lovely to have you as one of the first guests. hugsx

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    1. Love the candy cane on Rudolf’s antler

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      1. ahem, just where did you think he might hang it, John, eh?! haha

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      2. Hmmm I guess you are right. He has no thumbs.

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  3. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    Heading over.

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  4. That’s going to be fun. Thanks for sharing it. Hugs.

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  5. Heading over to Sally’s!

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