Smorgasbord Easter Parade Blog Party – Part Two – Music, dancing, food, Behatted guests and time to drop you links.

If you would like a great time go over to Sally Cronin’s blog. This post is fun but she has a lot to offer including some good food and drink. Thank you, Sally, for featuring me along with these wonderful authors.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the Smorgasbord Easter Parade part two with more behatted guests, music, dancing, humour and food. And since you have dropped in today.. please don’t leave without leaving the link to your latest post…. or your Amazon link and a little bit about yourself.

It is a beautiful day here and whilst you are waiting for the parade to begin here is something spectacular for you to join in with…

The first guest in the parade today has been providing the funnies for the blog over the last few months, even when she was basking in the sun in Mexico…most of you will already be enjoying her monthly D.G. Kaye Travel Column Debby Gies has gone all out with not just her hat today but her entire outfit….Debby has jetted in overnight from Canada to be with us.

About D.G. Kaye – Debby Gies

Debby Gies is a Canadian…

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  1. So cool to see a totally different picture of you! And yay on being listed 😉

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    1. Thank you, Dale. 😁

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  2. Thanks for sharing John and being part of the parade.. have a wonderful week.. xxx

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  3. Can’t wait to check it out! Thanks for sharing, John!

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  4. It’s always nice to meet a fellow Canuck.
    Cool party, you two!

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