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I am at Marcia Meara’s today. She invited me over to talk about ten things you may not know about me. Most of you know Marcia from her outstanding books. I know Marcia as a friend and exceptional author. So come visit, and while there, check out her beautiful books. Thank you for having me today, Marcia.

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Good Morning, Everyone! Today I’d like you to help me welcome a great friend and supporter of writers everywhere, #StoryEmpire member John W. Howell. I think you’ll really enjoy John’s post today, so let’s get things rolling!

Thank you, Marcia, for having me on your #TenThingsYouMayNotKnowAboutMe feature. When we initially talked about doing this, I explained to Marcia that the first item on the list would be the fact that I have evolved into a close imitation of Howard Hughes. You may recall in his later years; he became a recluse. Marcia being the kind and generous person she is, thought that would be an excellent beginning to the list. So, with that encouragement, here are the #TenThingsYouMayNotKnowAboutMe. You will note the Howard Hughes one is not there because you already know that one.

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me
by John W. Howell

1) Detroit, Michigan, is…

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  1. Fantastic Ten Things, John! 💕🙂

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  2. A great list! Well done on living a life worth living.

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  3. Heading over to read the rest!

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