The Last Drive Tour with Dan Antion and a Word from Lucy and Twiggy

“Hey, Lucy. What gives? Where’s dad? He’s supposed to be taking photos of us for a Saturday feature.”

“I know he promised a move to Saturday during the book tour, Little One, but he got an invite to Dan Antion’s bar.”

“He’s over there, and we are left high and dry?”

“You know how he is about more than one post a day. He put us here to let everyone know they should go over there.”

“So we should tell everyone to go to the bar?”

“Yup. He’s talking about The Last Drive with Dan, David, and Skippy, the bartender. We’ll be back next week.

Here is the link to Dan’s Post. 

In my mind, Dan is a jack of all trades. His professional life was all things IT in the business world, with a stint as a Cabinet maker. He also is the DYI master of all masters. His tool supply is something to lust after, and he has shown us how skilled he is with home projects. He is the consummate blogger and is now the captain of the popular Thursday Door feature.

At long last, Dan has also published his Dreamer’s Alliance Series.

Here is the Series Page on Amazon

Thank you, Dan, for helping spread the word on The Last Drive.

I have closed the comments so you can enjoy a drink with Dan.

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