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Thursday – Anything Possible – Twiggy and Lucy Have a Backyard

“Hey, Lucy. Look at this weird screen thingy.” “Yeah, The Boss put that up so we could go out without a leash.” “Why’s that?” “This yard has no fence, and he thought you and I would like to roam a little without being constrained by a leash.” “Boy, I get that. What are those little […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Lucy Scope the New Neighborhood

We are now at our new home in the Austin area. Lucy and Twiggy are adapting quite well. There are some differences, but I’ll let them explain. “Lucy. What are all these little crispy things on the ground?” “Leaves, Little Potato. The trees around here shed in the winter.” “I think walking on the road is […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy in a Fog

It was very foggy yesterday, and Lucy and Twiggy still wanted their walk. “Twiggy I think we should cut the walk short. It is way too foggy.” “Lucy. Are you flying a plane? We are walking for heaven’s sake. Besides, look at the gulls up ahead.” “Okay, but keep your eye out for cars coming […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Rain and Cold

“Hey, dad. Check out Lucy on the couch.” “She looks happy.” “Did I hear my name?” “That’s okay, Lucy. Dad and I were commenting on how happy you looked. “Why do I think there is some kind of catch?” “How about we play with some toys?” “Hey, Dad. Can you toss the pink cow?” “Maybe Lucy wants […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – A Day Outside.

“See these big tracks, Lucy?” “Yes, Little One I see them.” “I’m telling you there is a big machine up there somewhere.” “Okay, Little One. Could you slow down a bit? The Boss and I are too old for this sprint.” “Hows this? I’m almost standing still I’m going so slow.” “Better Little One. Much […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and UPS

“So what are you looking at, Twiggy?” “I’m keeping an eye out for the UPS guy.” “Oh, Boss Twiggy is on the UPS kick again.” “Can’t you take her mind off it?” “You know how stubborn bulldogs are. I’ll try.” “You could always take her outside.” “So Twiggy would it help to know the guy came […]

Thursday – A little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy on the Beach

“Hey, Lucy. Check it out. What is that? “Let me get closer.” “Gee I should walk backward so you can keep up.” “Very funny, youngster.” “What is it, Lucy?” “This is what humans call a sand castle.” “Yikes. Look at that skull.” “How do you know about skulls?” “Everyone knows about skulls. Look at the starfish.” “You […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy Play Tag

“Hey, Lucy…. LUCY.” “Huh? I was looking at that bumblebee.” “You want to play tag?” “We always play tag. How about another game?” “Ha. You’re it.” “Oof. My goodness kid.” “Can’t catch me.” “I’m still trying to catch my breath.” “Okay. I’ll wait for you.” “You are so kind, Little one.” “OMG for a big […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Lucy at Play

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. Play with me. Sure Little One. What do you want to play? “I thought about ball, but then maybe tag would be fun.” “How about flag football with my ears as the flags?” “Oh, you silly. You know you don’t want to do that.” “Then quit grabbing my ears.” “Okay. How about I […]

A Little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy Play with Bubbles

“Hey, you guys. you want to play with the bubbles?” “You kidding? Of course.” “Get ready cause here they come.” “Lucy, Lucy. That one’s mine.” “I just got mine.” “Oh, Look. Another one.” “Get it Little One.” “Oof. That one is high.” “Nice jump, Lucy.” “Lucy, mine is too high for me.” “I have to […]