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Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy, Bailey, and Twiggy Play Inside

“Fe fi fo fum. I smell the blood of a Frenchie.” “You are supposed to rhyme with fum. Like Englishman.” “To really rhyme with fum I’d have to say Frenchie bum.” “Aw, now that would not be nice.” “Well I’m just sayin’” “Have I shown you my latest wrestling hold? I call it the jaw lock.” “Have […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Lucy have a Talk

“Okay, Lucy. You can let go of my new toy.” “mom told me to keep you entertained.” “I get that, but really, I’ll stay out of trouble if you let go.” “Yeah, like the time you took off with that bath mat?” “I’m serious. I have grown up. I don’t do that stuff anymore.” “How about […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy, Bailey, and Twiggy Try to Play

The rainy weather is still with us and it presents a challenge to the canines. “I’m going to bite off your ear.” “Oh, no please spare me.” “That was a good ear bite move, Little One. But now you are going to die.” “Oh, I’m so afraid, Lucy you big ole cow.” “Okay, you two. […]

Thursday – A Little Personnel – Rainy Morning

“Hey, Twiggy I got your donut and rope thingy out. You want to play?” “I was hoping we could go outside and ruckus.” “It is cold and rainy out there.” “Yeah, I see it out the window. It looks like it might last all day.” “That’s why I wondered if you wanted to play inside.” “I suppose […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy Early Morning

“Hey, Twiggy. I have your donut.” “That’s okay. I’m waiting for the recycle pick up man.” “The what?” “The truck that comes around to pick up the recyclables.” “There he is. Lucy come here quick.” “I’m coming.” “So what the heck are recyclables?” “It is trash that can be used again sometime.” “Okay, so what’s the […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy, Lucy, and Bailey Have a Restful Day

“How about a game of fetch, Twiggy?” “Not so sure. Let me jump on the couch.” “Um if Lucy will play I will play.” “Okay. Let’s see what Lucy says.” “Hmm. A little late I would say.” “How about Bailey?” “A little late there too Dad.” “Okay no fetch. What else?” “How about we see […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy, Bailey, and Twiggy Try Soccer

“What do you want to do today, Twiggy?” “Gosh, I don’t know Lucy. It is so hot. Let me go over to Bailey and ask her.”” “What about you, Bailey?” ‘Well Little Stuff, I was looking forward to a little sun and a nap.” “Sun and a nap, Bailey? That’s all you ever do.” “Aw […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy is Worried

“So Lucy. What’s going on?” “I’m a little worried, Boss.” “What about?” “Baily’s over there rolling around on the grass not paying attention.” “Paying attention to what?” “She’s supposed to be watching Twiggy.” “Now look. She is actually laying down.” “I’m sure everything is fine.” “You don’t understand the dangers, Boss. I’m going over there.” “Bailey. Get up.” […]

A little Personal – Lucy and Twiggy at Play

“So, Twiggy. You called?” “Yes, Dad I did. Lucy has my key chew toy and won’t let me have it.” “Well, Y’all know toys are to be shared so you two work it out.” “Well, I guess calling the boss didn’t do much good.” “I had to try. Are you going to share the keys […]

Thursday – A little personal – Twiggy, Lucy and Bailey Back in Action

“Hey, Lucy, Bailey, Twiggy bring it in.” “Wha’s the deal, Lucy.” “Beats me.” “Know what’s going on Bailey.” “Nope, I just come when I’m called.” “Uh, Bailey?” “Hold on Pops. I need a gulp here.” “Lucy, Twiggy?” “Yes, Boss. All ears.” “I can hear from here, Dad.” “Okay then. As you can see I’m back […]