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Guesting With Jill Weatherholt Today #wouldyourather

  I am so pleased to be a guest on Jill Weatherholt’s blog today. She has a feature titled “Would You Rather.” The guest needs to choose between two challenging options and then explain the reasons. I had a fun time with my answers.  Here is the link.   Jill writes for Harlequin Love Inspired […]

Five Things to Remember as a New Writer- Guest Post at @maryannwrites

  Today I’m a guest at Maryann Miller’s blog, Maryann Writes. When I was a new writer, I learned many things by trial and error. Some of what I learned I forgot and had to keep relearning and others I managed to save. I developed a list of five things that new writers ought to […]

Guesting in Siân Glírdan’s Green Room #RRBC

Today I have the pleasure of being a guest of Siân Glírdan in her green room before taking off on a fabulous adventure. I have been given the opportunity of taking a trip to an exotic destination which is explained in the post. I also am allowed to take anything I wish to enhance my experience. […]

Seven Rules to a Caster Duel – Guest Post by Charles Yallowitz

Last week saw the announcement of Charles Yallowitz’s new book Tribe of the Snow Tiger. I am so please to have Charles back for a guest post. So here’s Charles. A big thank you to John for having me for a guest post so soon after being part of the promotional tour for my latest […]

Guest Post- A Villain With a Soft Spot? Is That Legal?

I am so pleased to have Charles Yallowitz visit Fiction Favorites. I love his books and have a deep respect for his dedication to writing and to his characters. So, Charles, the post is yours. Thank you to John for offering to host a promo/guest blog. Now to get the introduction and promo stuff out-of-the-way. […]

Guest Post at Traci Sanders Place

  I am also posting today on A Word with Traci the blog of author Traci Sanders. I put up a short story that was published in the Paper Book Collective titled The World Darkly and thought Traci’s readers would like it. I didn’t think I could do an adequate job of trying to explain […]

It’s Reining Men Tour – Day Two

Today is the second day of Traci Sanders’ It’s Reining Men Tour. It would be nice if you could jump over there and have a look at her blog. The post today is a little about me and my blog. While there look around and tell her I sent you and who knows, you may […]

It’s Reining Men Tour – Traci Sanders Invited Me to Go Along

  Traci Sanders has made space for me on her blog A Word with Traci. She is having an event she calls It’s Reining Men Tour. Here is a little more about the tour and the wonderful person and author. I’ll be there all week so stop by when you have a chance and check out […]