It’s Reining Men Tour – Day Two

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Today is the second day of Traci Sanders’ It’s Reining Men Tour. It would be nice if you could jump over there and have a look at her blog. The post today is a little about me and my blog. While there look around and tell her I sent you and who knows, you may hit it off.


Traci is the author of When Darkness Breaks


a when darkness breaks

Local news anchor, Amber Woods, seemed to have it all – a thriving career, two beautiful children, and a doting husband named Drake. Life was perfect…until her world was turned upside down in one fateful night. While the incident causes Amber to renew her priorities; unable to deal with what happened, Drake begins sinking into a deep depression laced with infidelity and alcohol.

Hoping a change of scenery will salvage her quickly deteriorating marriage, Amber agrees that a move to New York may be just what they need. Unfortunately, she quickly discovers that you can’t outrun your problems, and the past is not always left in the past.

Can Amber save her marriage without losing herself along the way? What will she do when darkness breaks her will to keep trying?


    1. Thank you so much for the re-blog of this, Charles! Your site is beautiful!

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      1. He is the best.


  1. Thanks for the plug, John! Totally not necessary, but very much appreciated 🙂

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  2. Fabulous review. Sounds fascinating story. 🙂

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