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Friday – New Book Launch – Grinders – By C.S. Boyack

Friday’s for JohnKu Today’s a little different… Craig’s in the house. I usually have a John Ku and also some thoughts about the week on Friday. Today is a little different. I couldn’t help but do a JohnKu, but the musings will have to wait. I am delighted to be joined by Craig Boyack, who […]

Lisa Burton Visits to Talk About C. S. Boyack’s New Book – Viral Blues

It is always lovely to welcome Lisa Burton to my place for a chat.  As most of you know by now, Lisa is the personal assistant to writer C.S.Boyack, and the last time she visited, we talked at the coast. I’m so glad she was able to get through the Austin traffic to join me […]

Tuesday Anything Possible – The Enhanced League by C.S.Boyack – Book Launch #RRBC

I have enjoyed C. S. Boyack’s books and am pleased to be part of his launch crew. Today I have a special guest, Lisa Burton who is here to talk about The Enchanted League his latest.  The post is yours, Lisa. Thanks for inviting me back today, John. I enjoy getting away from the writing […]

Tuesday – Anything Possible with The Experimental Notebook of C.S.Boyack II and Lisa Burton #RRBC

Today I am so happy to welcome Lisa Burton once again to Fiction Favorites. For those of you who have been roleplaying vampires too long and haven’t been out much, Lisa is the robot assistant of Author C.S Boyack. Don’t let the term robot throw you. Lisa is every bit as human as I, as […]

A Big Thank You to Craig Boyack for Helping Introduce #Newbook Our Justice

Thank you to Craig Boyack for a post announcing the launch of Our Justice. You can see his post HERE.      

Thursday – A little Personal

Today I am so pleased that Ned Traines one of the characters in both My GRL and His Revenge is interviewed by Lisa Burton on her radio show. For those who don’t know, Ned is a police chief and close friend of John Cannon. He has helped John stay alive through many of the adventures in […]